deep fakes Astoria Company hack

Your CEO Isn’t Real: How to Deal With Deep Fakes

The history of deep fake technology is surprisingly long. Researchers at academic institutions have been developing deep fake tech since the early 1990s. The idea is even older, as popular science fiction—like ...
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SlashNext ransomware phishing attack

Phishing Used to Get PII, not Just Ransomware

With all of the focus on ransomware attacks, it’s easy to forget about the damage done by email phishing. Yet, new research from Vade shows that phishing has seen a meteoric rise ...
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2+2=5 lamb

Anti-Vax Lies Spread on YouTube—Paid for ‘by Russian PR Company’

Disinformation is rife on social media. The latest scandal is a Russian PR firm paying YouTubers to flog lies about vaccines killing people ...
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deepfakes fake news

Deep Fakes: The Next Big Threat

A number of mobile apps give anyone with a smartphone and a few minutes of time on their hands the ability to create and distribute a deep fake video. All it takes ...
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domains spoofing Phishers’ Favorite Brands to Spoof

Spoofed Domains Still a Persistent Threat

Domains impersonating companies and their brand names still pose a significant threat—research from Digital Shadows released today found that on average 1,100 fake websites are registered against individual organizations annually. And with ...
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deep fakes social engineering What Does Fake News Have to Do With Cybersecurity

Propaganda as a Social Engineering Tool

Remember WYSIWYG? What you see is what you get. That was a simpler time in technology; you knew what the end result would be during the development stage. There were no surprises ...
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culture social engineering language

Reaction to Social Engineering Indicative of Cybersecurity Culture

During COVID-19, threat actors used fear of the virus and hope of a vaccine to trick unwitting victims into downloading malware or giving up their credentials. It was a master class in ...
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Palo Alto Networks developer security AI felony mdr cybersecurity

How Offensive AI Can Disarm Cybersecurity

As more organizations adopt AI and ML as cybersecurity controls and to detect and deter attacks, cybercriminals are devising ways to use AI as the basis of attacks. “What’s known as ‘offensive ...
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identity management

How Identity Intelligence Anchors Multi-Cloud Identity Management

The growing ferocity and increasing frequency of cyberattacks create huge problems for cybersecurity teams, especially when they lack the tools to measure and manage entitlements and identities. Obviously, more must be done ...
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IDV Strata identity segmentation IAM fraud JumpCloud

Using IAM Solutions to Beat Deepfakes and Fraud

AI and ML technologies have made great strides in helping organizations with cybersecurity, as well as with other tasks like chatbots that help with customer service. Cybercriminals have also made great strides ...
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