Cyber Hygiene: Boosting Your Security Posture

It has been two years since Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the financial records of more than 147 million people, and the news continues to dominate the headlines. After two ...
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Clean IT Up: Cyber Hygiene Controls Tips

October is national cybersecurity awareness month, and with the recent hacks at Door Dash, the discovery of a large-scale iOS hacking campaign, and a database containing 419 million phone numbers associated with ...
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Why You Need a Cyber Hygiene Program: Q&A with Alert Logic’s Jack Danahy

In the aftermath of a data breach, organizations must answer many questions. But what often isn’t asked is how effective or efficient its cyber hygiene program is, and what role it will ...
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The Journey of Securing a Long-Tail Supply Chain

Supply chains often are long and complex, and as organizations rely more and more on data to drive their businesses, digital supply chains continue to grow. And as the supply chains continue ...
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Business Security Employee Cyber Hygiene

In Business Security, Employee Cyber Hygiene Matters

Making employees aware of their impact is integral to a successful business security strategy When children cover their eyes and insist no one can see them, it’s cute. But when the majority ...
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Small Businesses Safeguard Against Cyberattacks

How Can Small Businesses Safeguard Against Cyberattacks?

Small businesses have many of the same security challenges as larger organizations, without access to the same technologies Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest problems facing millions of internet and online ...
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Assessment of Business cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Hygiene: Not a Dirty Little Secret for Long

In October 2018, FICO (a consumer credit scoring specialist) began scoring the cybersecurity of companies based upon a scan of internet facing vulnerabilities. FICO grades companies using the same scoring that is ...

Rooted in Security Basics: The Four Pillars of Cyber Hygiene

The term “cyber hygiene” pops up frequently in articles, blogs and discussions about cybersecurity. But what does it really mean? Some say it is an ill-defined set of practices for individuals to ...
The Internet of Things (IoT) and digitally stored PII: Avoidable or Inevitable? 

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Digitally Stored PII: Avoidable or Inevitable? 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly showing up in all facets of daily life and collecting personally identifiable information (PII) in massive quantities. From smart home thermostats to one-click purchasing, IoT devices ...