Google bug bounty AI

Google Expands Bug Bounty Program to Find Generative AI Flaws

Google, a big player in the rapidly expanding world of Ai, is now offer rewards to researchers who find vulnerabilities in its generative AI software. Like Microsoft, Amazon, and other rivals, Google ...
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BOTS SOC Open Systems Palo Alto Kaspersky zScaler

Boss of the SOC: Capture-the-Flag as a Recruitment Tool

Splunk's Boss of the SOC (BOTS) exercise helps cybersecurity pros show off skills and also serves as a valuable recruiting tool ...
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#NahamCon2022 - Jason Haddix (@jhaddix): The Bug Hunter’s Methodology: Application Analysis v1

The Bug Bounty Dilemma: When to give up on an API target

Hacking APIs for fun and profit requires you to know how long to stay on target, and knowing when to give up. Let's discuss. The post The Bug Bounty Dilemma: When to ...
Google open source Bug Bounty Program Overhaul

Intel Expands Bug Bounty Program – Techstrong TV

Intel is expanding its Bug Bounty program with Project Circuit Breaker, bringing together a community of elite hackers to hunt bugs in firmware, hypervisors, GPUs, chipsets and more. Charlene O’Hanlon and Katie ...
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Period Tracking Apps, Vendor Impersonation Attacks, LockBit Ransomware Bug Bounty Program

Period Tracking Apps and Your Privacy, Vendor Impersonation Attacks, LockBit Ransomware Bug Bounty Program

Period tracker apps are causing privacy concerns because they could potentially be used against women in states that ban abortion, new research shows that vendors are being impersonated more than employees in ...

The DHS is inviting hackers to break into its systems, but there are rules of engagement

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is inviting security researchers to uncover vulnerabilities and hack into its systems, in an attempt to better protect itself from malicious attacks. The DHS ...
Google open source Bug Bounty Program Overhaul

Searching for Bugs in Open Source Code

Let’s dispel the myth first: Open source software isn’t any less secure than closed source software. However, once a vulnerability is found in an open source program, it tends to be much ...
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SSN Missouri teachers HTML

Show-Me State Governor Threatens Reporter Who Showed Vulnerability

When the state of Missouri put up a website to allow parents of Missouri schoolchildren to check the credentials of their teachers, the teachers’ names, school affiliations and credentials were visible in ...
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