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Cyberattacks Increasingly Target APIs

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Nearly three-quarters of organizations suffered three or more breaches involving APIs in past two years ...
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APIs Becoming a Favorite Attack Vector for Adversaries

As threat actors continue to home in on APIs as favored attack vectors, security teams are tasked with finding ways to thwart those efforts ...
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Ultimate API Security Checklist for 2023

Follow this list to ensure the security of your APIs and protect your data, users and business from threats and vulnerabilities ...
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Adding Generative AI as an API Protection Tool

The security world is in the early stages of figuring out how to best use generative AI to enhance cybersecurity—while simultaneously defending against it as an emerging threat vector. Take API security, ...
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Why Organizations Struggle to Secure APIs

Until there is a deeper understanding about why API security is such a struggle, they will be vulnerable to attacks ...
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Complexity of APIs Make Them Harder to Secure

APIs are not only increasingly under attack, but the complexity, consistency and overall number of those attacks are escalating ...
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Akamai Extends API Security Services After Neosec Acquisition

Following its acquisition of Neosec earlier this year, Akamai Technologies today added an ability to secure application programming interfaces (APIs) to its portfolio of cybersecurity services ...
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Edgio Applies Machine Learning Algorithms to Secure APIs

Edgio today announced it has added the ability to use machine learning algorithm to discover and protect application programming interfaces (APIs) to the portfolio of application security services it makes available via ...
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Akamai to Extend API Security Reach via Neosec Acquisition

Akamai Technologies plans to make it easier to detect application programming interfaces (APIs) using behavioral analytics following its acquisition of Neosec. Patrick Sullivan, CTO of security strategy at Akamai, said that while ...
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Noname Security Aligns With Intel on API Security

Noname Security announced today it is working with Intel to offload application programming interface (API) security to network integration cards (NICs) based on 4th-gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the Intel NetSec ...
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