Tripwire Survey: Most RSAC Attendees Favor Shorter Vulnerability Disclosure Timelines

With continued debate around responsible disclosure and increased attention around security research techniques, Tripwire wanted to get a pulse on what the community considers responsible practices today. In surveying 147 attendees at the RSA Conference in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, we found out a number of interesting perspectives ... Read More

70 Percent of Energy Security Pros Fear Digital Attacks Could Produce a “Catastrophic Failure”

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Digital attackers are targeting organizations in the energy sector like never before. For example, just a few weeks ago, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a joint report describing a massive Russian hacking campaign to infiltrate America’s critical infrastructure. In a first, the US government publicly blamed Russia’s ... Read More

Survey: How Well Will Organizations Respond To The Next Data Breach?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect this May, and lawmakers in the U.S. are proposing stricter data breach legislation. With the pressure on to better protect data and improve notification procedures in the event of a data breach, Tripwire surveyed 406 cybersecurity professionals to see ... Read More

Survey: Most Security Pros Aim to Patch Vulnerabilities within 30 Days

High-profile cybersecurity incidents continue to result from the simple mistake of leaving a known vulnerability unpatched. To understand how organizations are keeping up with vulnerabilities, Tripwire partnered with Dimensional Research to survey 406 IT security professionals about their patching processes. Findings revealed that the majority (78 percent) fix all vulnerabilities ... Read More

Last Christmas, I Gave You… An Insecure Connected Device

No doubt, a plethora of connected devices have made it onto your holiday shopping list this year. Virtual personal assistants, smart home devices, and perhaps a TV streaming device for catching up on the latest season of Stranger Things? Streaming TV devices are certainly a popular option as the cord-cutting ... Read More

Survey: Nearly Three-Quarters of Retail Orgs Lack a Breach Response Plan

With more than 174 million Americans shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, it’s looking to be a busy holiday season for retailers this year. As shoppers continue hunting for the perfect gift over the next couple weeks, it’s important to remember that cyber criminals will likely be on the hunt ... Read More

Securing Electronic Medical Records Still Causing Headaches

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have been widely adopted by healthcare providers to improve operational efficiency and patient care. As with the adoption of any new technology that continues to evolve, with benefits come risks. EMRs have given rise to new considerations around cyber risk for healthcare providers and have helped ... Read More
Survey Says: Soft Skills Highly Valued by Security Team

Survey Says: Soft Skills Highly Valued by Security Team

Continuing the discussion around the skills gap our industry is facing, I’m excited to share our final set of results from the Tripwire skills gap survey. My previous post highlighted the need for technical skills. But as this next set of findings indicates, soft skills in cybersecurity are not be ... Read More
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Most Orgs Worried Skills Gap Will Leave Them Exposed to Security Flaws

Most Orgs Worried Skills Gap Will Leave Them Exposed to Security Flaws

In my previous post about Tripwire’s latest skills gap survey, I noted that over the past couple years, it has become more challenging to hire adequately skills cybersecurity professional. In this post, I’ll share Tripwire’s second set of findings. These results cover which technical skills are most needed and what ... Read More
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Survey: 81% of Infosec Pros Say Required Job Skills Have Changed amid Skills Gap

The digital security skills gap poses a challenge to organizations and their defense strategies in every economic sector. Even so, there’s little consensus on how enterprises should address this shortage of skilled security talent. Some say organizations place too little emphasis on the value of a classical engineering-focused education and ... Read More
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