In this episode, Greg Wilson, CISO of Docupace, discussed the rise of ransomware during uncertain times (i.e. COVID pandemic), whether it’s here to stay, and how to prevent damage with security hygiene.


In the latest episode of the Tripwire Cybersecurity podcast, I had the opportunity to interview Greg Wilson, the Chief Information Security Officer at Docupace.

Tim Erlin:  Welcome, Greg. Thanks for joining us.  Today, the topic that we’re going to talk about is ransomware, and I’m excited to get a CISOs perspective on this topic. We’ve obviously seen ransomware in the headlines a lot lately, in fact, a lot more lately than in the past. So, I think a good starting point for us, Greg, is to just ask the question. Has something really changed in the market, or an industry that’s made ransomware a bigger deal today than it has been in the past?

Greg Wilson:  Yes, I would say so. Things like this really increase during times of uncertainty, and with COVID recently, there has been a lot of uncertainty. The other thing is that there has been an increase in the number of people who are working remotely.  Normally, in a corporate enterprise, there are more security controls in place. Now with people working from home, oftentimes they won’t necessarily log into their network where all of those security controls are. This creates a confluence of events that create an ideal opportunity for ransomware attacks.

TE: I hadn’t really thought about how the rise of ransomware might be tied to the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes that came with that. That’s an interesting connection. Does that mean that, that, assuming that people start heading (Read more...)