Reducing Security Staff Turnover

3 Tips for Reducing Security Staff Turnover

Differing approaches to pleasing in-demand talent can keep security employees happy and reduce attrition The cybersecurity skills shortage that is so widely discussed is forecasted to result in 3.5 million unfilled positions by ...
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Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Do We Really Have a Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Time to Refocus the Hiring Process

Is there a cybersecurity skills gap? Plenty of surveys and anecdotal evidence seem to say that’s the case. For example, an end-of-year survey of IT professionals conducted by ESG found that 53 ...
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Train Employees on Cybersecurity

Security Awareness: 5 Creative Ways to Train Employees on Cybersecurity

Security awareness in the workplace takes effective training Fifteen years ago, the No. 1 problem plaguing corporate email inboxes was spam, which bogged down users but wasn’t typically malicious. A lot has ...
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Employee Hacks: Spotting Insider Threats

Employee Hacks: Spotting Insider Threats

Organizations face security threats such as data breaches from numerous sources, however many only consider attacks from external sources. However, 60 percent of attacks are the result of trusted insiders with access ...
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Find and Retain Security Talent

Corporate ‘Boot Camps’ and Other Ways to Find and Retain Security Talent

Security operations teams are drowning under a sea of alerts that aren’t quieting down anytime soon, and the threat of the growing skills gap has fomented lots of worry about how to ...
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Next Generation of Cybersecurity Talent

Top 4 Ways to Find the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Talent

The talent shortage in cybersecurity is a well-known and well-discussed problem. There are more jobs in cybersecurity than there are qualified employees to fill them. This problem is compounded by the fact ...
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Employee Security Training

Employee Security Training: If You Train Them, They Will Comply

Ensuring employees have the right security training and understand the risks can help improve online behavior It’s well-known across all sectors that technology alone cannot defend organizations against cyberattacks. Why? Because of ...
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identity security

Cloud Directory Feature Identity Security

There’s never been a more risky time to be leveraging the internet and web. There are too many chances for your users to be compromised and subsequently your organization. Identities are the ...
Multicultural Cybersecurity Workforce Benefits

Benefits of a Multicultural Cybersecurity Workforce

As was the case for the American workforce during World War II, the enormous dearth of talent in the cybersecurity industry presents unprecedented opportunities for women and minorities to fill the jobs ...
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The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Malicious Healthcare Workers, New Attacks on Mobile Networks, Facebook Messenger for Kids

This is the Shared Security Weekly Blaze for March 12, 2018 sponsored by Security Perspectives – Your Source for Tailored Security Awareness Training and Assessment Solutions. This episode was hosted by Tom ...