How Your Car Shares Data with Insurers & TikTok Ban Impact

The TikTok Ban Bill, Your Car is Spying on You, Signal’s Username Update

In episode 321, the hosts discuss how connected cars are sharing driving data with insurance companies, potentially leading to increased rates for drivers. They also talk about the anti-TikTok bill passed by ...
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Signal Intros Quantum-Resistant Encryption for App

The developers of the Signal messaging app are strengthening the app’s central encryption capabilities for the upcoming post-quantum era. Signal is upgrading the Signal Protocol – the cryptographic specifications behind the end-to-end ...
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Fake Signal and Telegram Apps in the Google Play Store

Google removed fake Signal and Telegram apps from its Play store. An app with the name Signal Plus Messenger was available on Play for nine months and had been downloaded from Play ...
A phone home screen shows Signal and Telegram app icons

BadBazaar: Chinese Spyware Shams Signal, Telegram Apps

After sneaking into Google and Samsung app stores, “GREF” APT targets Uyghurs and other PRC minorities ...
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Artificial Ignorance & Pen Testing - Kevin Johnson - PSW #785

Google Now Supports Passkeys, Risky New Top Level Domains, Twitter’s Encryption Dilemma

In this episode, we explore the arrival of passwordless Google accounts that use “passkeys,” which offer enhanced usability and security. We discuss the benefits of passkeys over traditional passwords, but also why ...
Governments Try to Ban Encryption (Yet Again)

Governments Try to Ban Encryption (Yet Again)

Déjà vu: Yet again, they’re tugging on the “think of the children” strings. But you can’t make math illegal ...
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The LastPass Attack Gets Worse, What is Gamification, Signal's Encryption Standoff

The LastPass Attack Gets Worse, What is Gamification, Signal’s Encryption Standoff

Popular password manager LastPass suffered a second attack that lasted for over two months. Now new and disturbing information is being released about the attack. Scott discusses the benefits and challenges of ...

Interview with Signal’s New President

Long and interesting interview with Signal’s new president, Meredith Whittaker: WhatsApp uses the Signal encryption protocol to provide encryption for its messages. That was absolutely a visionary choice that Brian and his ...
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Hackers Use Telegram, Signal, Dark Web to Help Iranian Protesters

Protesters against the Iran regime are getting a boost to aid their efforts from hacking groups who are using Telegram, Signal and the dark web to get around government restrictions. “Key activities ...
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