Impersonation Scams: Social Engineering News

Impersonation Scams: Social Engineering News

At Social-Engineer, we define impersonation as the “practice of pretexting as another person with the goal of obtaining information or […] ...
Stronger Security Posture

Stronger Security Posture: Building Your Program

In the first part of this two-part blog series, we touched on understanding your security posture, training your employees, and […] ...
Mimecast training

Five Questions To Ask Your CISO About Training

Cybersecurity has emerged as an important component of the conversations that occur at the senior executive and board levels. Furthermore, it is no longer uncommon for boards and leadership teams to include ...
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4 Keys for Successful Training

4 Keys for Successful Training

As cyber-attacks are on the rise, companies are becoming ever more aware of the need to implement security awareness programs […] ...
Employee Security Training

Automating Secure Coding Training

More and more companies, from national retailers to financial powerhouses, are emphasizing secure coding training for their developers. After all, it creates a culture of security-minded teams and incentivizes ongoing excellence for ...
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cybersecurity behavior user security training Convince Employees to Care About Security Training

Developers Need Security Training

Security has long taken a back seat to speed when it comes to app development. A Synopsys blog explains one reason why: Developers are builders first. “Developers’ primary job is to create ...
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Infosec, CISA Partner to Provide Security Resources

Charlene O’Hanlon talks with Keatron Evans, principal security researcher at Infosec Institute, about their partnership with CISA that provides free cybersecurity resources, content, tools, training and other information. The video is below ...
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Employee Snooping

Corporate Employee Snooping: How to Address This Threat?

For every organization, the data in its possession is one of its most valuable assets. The ever-increasing number of class action lawsuits and media attention due to data breaches have made organizations ...
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Why 2022 Should be a Year of Cybersecurity Optimism

2021 has been a year that few in the cybersecurity world will miss. From coping with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to emerging trends and threats in the world of ...
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ransomware SMB security

How to Outplay the Ransomware Playbook

Organizations across industries are increasingly concerned about their cybersecurity posture and overall ransomware preparedness – and rightfully so – with the 64% increase in attacks from 2019 to 2020 (304 million attacks ...
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