Phishing, the 3000 lb. Gorilla

Phishing, the 3000 lb. Gorilla

SlashNext Threat Intelligence research team identified +3000% increase in COVID-19 themed phishing URLs since March 15, 2020 ...
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Bolstering Corporate Security Post-COVID-19

| | endpoints, PAM, Pandemic, VPAM, VPN
In the new work-from-home reality, corporate security paradigms, and attitudes, must change The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world in many ways, both health-wise and from a business standpoint. As we ...
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Qualys endpoint

Qualys Delivers on Promise to Automate Endpoint Security

Qualys this week announced the availability of a Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) platform based on a single agent that detects endpoint vulnerabilities and automates the patching of those systems. Sumedh ...
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3 Steps to Controlling Access Inside the Network

As traffic on the network increases, so do potential vulnerabilities. Network access should be managed more tightly to keep data secure. For years, IT security has been focused primarily on defending the ...
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Using Behavioral Analytics to Fight Ransomware

The recent attacks on the City of Baltimore and the Norsk Hydro energy facility in Norway are among the latest incidents that show that ransomware, a part of a larger range of ...
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Endpoints Disguised as 'Stuff'

Security’s Greatest Enemy: Endpoints Disguised as ‘Stuff’

When considering the security of the devices that make up the internet of things (IoT), all endpoints must be considered in the risk equation. For years the standard model for non-traditional IT ...
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