Why Banks Are Still A Top Target For DDoS Attacks

The financial services sector is still a prime target for cyber criminals and it has been widely reported that in 2020 financial institutions came under attack more than ever before. According to Boston Consulting Group research, financial service firms are up to 300 times more likely to experience a cyber ... Read More

Imperva recognized for Performance in The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q1 2021 Report

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks continue to be a major threat to organizations due to their potential to bring down operations, causing serious disruption to business and loss of revenue, not to mention the recovery costs. That’s why we are delighted to share that Imperva DDoS protection has been ... Read More

Enhanced Security at the Edge with Imperva DNS Protection

Your website is the gateway to your business and the potential for disruption of your site or damage to your web infrastructure makes DNS security a serious consideration for organizations. The criticality of DNS Services for ensuring network connectivity and website availability make them a hot target for cybercriminals and ... Read More

Why Data Security and Privacy in the digital age are crucial

| | Data Security
Privacy is considered a basic human right but, with so much of our personal data now ‘out there’ in cyberspace, how private can it really be? Data is everywhere, and with rising internet usage, an increase in cloud technologies, and our growing reliance on IoT devices, it continues to grow ... Read More
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Major Global Ransom Denial of Service Campaign Continues Rising Trend in Global DDoS Attacks

Extortionists Claim Connection to Fancy Bear and Lazarus Group In the past weeks the number of serious Ransom Denial of Service (RDoS) threats has ramped-up considerably, with extortion campaigns targeting thousands of large commercial organizations including financial services. Coming from extortionists leveraging the names of well-known threat actor groups such ... Read More

Putting Your Data Security at the Center of our Mission

We’re more than just an industry-leading Web Application Firewall! For a long time now, Imperva has been known in the cyber security industry as ‘the WAF company’. The go-to brand for Application Security and Web Application Firewalls. But this is only possible due to our data protection DNA. This has ... Read More

Top Security and Data Privacy Regulations for Financial Services

| | Data Security
Regulatory compliance has become an increasingly more important part of the financial services industry in recent years. And it’s a trend that’s likely to continue due to the upsurge in cloud computing, the use of mobile applications, and a shift to IoT devices, all of which are driving exponential data ... Read More

How bad bots are targeting the healthcare sector

Credential cracking, or password spraying, is one of the most effective ways for cybercriminals to get access to user accounts. It refers to the brute-force automated cracking, or pairing of usernames and passwords by using sophisticated high-speed bots. According to a National Cyber Awareness report from May 2020, cybersecurity agencies ... Read More

Open Banking Around the World

Open Banking, the practice of sharing financial data with competitors and third parties via open APIs, offers many benefits for consumers who not only have more control over their data, but who can now manage their finances a whole lot better. What started with the European Union Payment Services Directive ... Read More
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How Imperva Advanced Mesh Topology Keeps Canadian Data In-Country

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a Canadian federal law that sets out how organizations can collect, use and disclose personal information in the course of commercial activity. While PIPEDA does not prohibit the transfer of personal information outside of Canada, it requires organizations to provide ... Read More