Introducing the RSA Cybersecurity Summit

As your organization charts a path into an uncertain future, the security operations team needs the tools and knowledge to help manage and respond to cyberattack risk. Gain valuable insight during the ...

Netsurion Extends SIEM Service Reach to Remote Users

Netsurion has extended the reach of its security information event management (SIEM) service to now include remote offices and employees working from home. Company chief strategy officer A.N. Ananth said Remote Workforce ...
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Behind the Data: Analyzing the SOC Findings from RSA Conference 2020

*** This is a Security Bloggers Network syndicated blog from RSA Blog authored by RSA Blog. Read the original post at: ...

Is Your Company Ready for SOAR?

SOAR can help organizations manage their data security efficiently through automation and orchestration In physics, the rate of acceleration is known as “jerk.” A commonly used term, jerk can often be a ...
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Should a WFH SOC Be a New Reality?

In my last article, I laid out a path for how organizations could quickly get up to speed in deploying a work-from-home (WFH) security operations center (SOC) amidst the current pandemic. Since ...
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work-from-home SOC

Moving to a New Reality: The Work-From-Home SOC

 The work-from-home SOC is a new reality, maintaining resiliency in security monitoring As organizations establish work-from-home initiatives, maintaining business continuity and productivity is critical. Security is key to the success of this ...
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How Security Orchestration Supercharges Your SOC

How Security Orchestration Supercharges Your SOC

A security operations center (SOC) is responsible for preventing any cybersecurity breaches in an organization’s network. This huge undertaking involves... The post How Security Orchestration Supercharges Your SOC appeared first on Siemplify ...

The Role of Technology in the Modern SOC

I’ve worked in security operation centers (SOCs) since before they were even called that, and I’ve seen a lot. A lot of threats, a lot of technologies that worked for a while—until ...
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hybrid SOC

8 Tips for a Successful Hybrid SOC

When it comes to setting up a security operations center (SOC), be it in-house, completely outsourced or a hybrid of the two, they should revolve around the three core pillars of people, ...
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Avoid Bad Security Buying Decisions

Organizations must take a strategic approach to their security buying decisions to ensure their budget is well-spent Remaining competitive means staying abreast of—and even ahead of—the latest technologies that empower business. As ...
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