buying security

Avoid Bad Security Buying Decisions

Organizations must take a strategic approach to their security buying decisions to ensure their budget is well-spent Remaining competitive means staying abreast of—and even ahead of—the latest technologies that empower business. As ...
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SOC-as-a-Service Overview: Improving AWS and Azure Security [Part II]

The post SOC-as-a-Service Overview: Improving AWS and Azure Security [Part II] appeared first on Delta Risk ...
How to Break Broken SOC Cycles

How to Break Broken SOC Cycles

We’ve all heard the same buzzwords used to describe the current situation in security operation centers (SOCs). Among them are “alert fatigue,” “labor crunch,” the “skills gap,” “high turnover” and “missing advanced ...
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3 Pillars of the Modern-Day SOC

The 3 Pillars of the Modern-Day SOC

The world is changing. The way we do business, the way we communicate and the way we secure the enterprise are all vastly different today than they were 20 years ago. The ...
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What's a Pop-Up SOC

What’s a Pop-Up SOC, and Who Needs One?

High-profile events across the globe are prime targets for hackers, which puts a huge security burden on an event’s host. Even if the host has secured the infrastructure for day-to-day operations, a ...
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Mitigate Data Breaches Quickly

Best Practice Response Can Mitigate Data Breaches Quickly

It takes about six months for a company to detect that a data breach occurred in its system. During that time, hackers can do a lot of damage. So obviously you want ...
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Maximize Value Security Team

SOAR: Helping Maximize the Value of Your Security Team

Worldwide, organizations are significantly impacted by the existing security skills shortage, and things are only going to get worse. A Global Information Security Workforce Study from Cyber Safety and Education predicts a ...
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Securing the Network

Securing the Network—and Your Organization’s Future—with a SOC

Just as you wouldn’t give your house keys to someone you just met, organizations don’t want to do business with those they don’t trust. As digital transformation becomes the norm, it provides ...
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Intelligent SOC Series: The Role of Your SOC in Managing Digital Risk

No one inside your enterprise knows better than the analysts working inside your security operations center (SOC) the threats your organization faces. For this reason, your SOC is poised to serve as ...