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MFA is No Cure for Phishing

Last year my Twitter feed became full of stories and retweets about how Google “solved the phishing problem” using hardware multi-factor authentication (MFA) tokens. One such article covering this topic was “Google: Security Keys Neutralized Employee Phishing” by the venerable Brian Krebs. While I have a lot of respect for ... Read More
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Security Assumptions – Don’t Make an ASS of U and ME

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if the things you are defending against are really your biggest security problems? I am going to challenge you to think about things a little differently, as I have been myself recently. Prepare yourself, as this may challenge some of your core security ... Read More
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Travel Hacking for the Successful InfoSec Pro

So, you want to be a road warrior? Maybe your job has morphed into something where travel is now part of the fun. Or maybe travel is required to reach that InfoSec rock star status you've always desired. Either way I want to share some of the tips and tricks ... Read More
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Credential Phishing – Easy Steps to Stymie Hackers

Phishing attacks have become a common factor in our daily routines for businesses and in our personal lives. There are many different types of phishing attacks, each of which requires a slightly different defense while having some commonalities as well. This article covers a specific type of attack called credential ... Read More