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Deciphering Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Requires Context

Cybersecurity context is the missing puzzle piece that can transform a jumble of information into a clear and coherent picture of vulnerabilities ...
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AI Data Consumption and Analysis are a Cybersecurity Force Multiplier

Cybercriminals are creating smarter attacks using AI’s ability to increase its own knowledge as it consumes data. Data analysis can help ...
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Phishing, Brute Force Attacks Rise in Expanded Threat Landscape

Phishing attacks and brute force attacks are on the rise as cybercriminals evolve their attacks to mobile and personal communication channels, according to a report from SaaS Alerts. On average, there were ...
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The Internet Dilemma: Leveraging the Value While Reducing Vulnerabilities

Today, an organization’s brand and reputation are intrinsically tied to its data security and privacy protections. Years ago, we couldn’t foresee the potential impact of digital technology innovations on brand stability. Network ...
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Guide: Rethinking application security risk for federal agencies

Cybersecurity risk can be hard to define and measure, even though the consequences of a cyberattack are very real. This post suggests a practical approach to determining and reducing application security risk ...
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The Evolution of Vulnerability Scanning and Pentesting

An awareness of unprotected vulnerabilities and risks is the starting point for determining the best way to align resources with cybersecurity. By conducting regular real-world attack testing, security operations can illuminate weaknesses ...
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insider risk Risky Insider Security Behaviors

Why Insider Threat Risk Increases in the Cloud 

As organizations move to the cloud, enterprise data is increasingly created, used and stored across a variety of SaaS and cloud-based service providers. While these services bring new efficiencies and, in some ...
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Cybersecurity Risk’s “New Math”

Mary K. Pratt posted an article, “The new math of cybersecurity value,” on CSOonline on September 21, 2021, available at The new math of cybersecurity value | CSO Online   It is a ...
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Orgs Brace for Breaches as IT Pros Battle Fatigue

The risk of cyberattacks has increased in the last year and 80% of global organizations report they are likely to experience a data breach that impacts customer data in the next 12 ...
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Inadequate Cybersecurity

It is customary to begin an article on cybersecurity with statements about huge increases in threats and attacks and mounting cyberspace losses from fraud, identity theft, ransoms, data exfiltration, blackmail, etc. Few, ...