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5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Vulnerability Management Solution

The post 5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Vulnerability Management Solution appeared first on Digital Defense, Inc ...
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Palo Alto Networks Extends Cybersecurity Reach

Palo Alto Networks this week updated the Cloud Workload Protection module in its Prisma Cloud platform to add the ability to analyze container images using machine learning algorithms within a sandbox along ...
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How to Prevent Bot-Driven SQL Injection Attacks?

One of the most common attack types, SQL Injection attacks (SQLi attacks) have far-reaching business impacts. A successful injection attack of this kind could lead to exposure of sensitive information,. The post ...
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Determine More Effective Countermeasures With Vulnerability Scanning

Many organizations today store their most important data on their network, which makes it of vital importance that it is as secure as possible. Hackers will be looking to exploit. The post ...
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Top 10 Tips to Protect Against OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities is a list of the 10 most common security vulnerabilities in applications. The Top 10 OWASP web application security vulnerabilities are updated every 3-4 years. Last. The post ...
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How Often Do I Need A Vulnerability Scan to Meet PCI Compliance Standards?

Are you a business or payment gateway processor that accepts, stores, transmits or processes credit cards? Then you are bound by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). The post ...
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Palo Alto Networks Extends Scope of CSPM Platform

Palo Alto Networks today updated its cloud security posture management (CSPM) platform to include a range of capabilities that make it simpler for security teams to prioritize which cloud threats they respond ...
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Learning More About Vulnerability Scanning

Learning More About Vulnerability Scanning

A recent article published on the G2 Learning Hub was titled "The Top 5 Vulnerability Scanners You Need to Patrol Security Grids," and while it covered the list of what the author ...
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Winning at Vulnerability Management: 8 Best Practices

To pre-empt cybersecurity threats, today’s enterprises must have policies, processes and tools in place to not only defend against attacks but also strengthen their security posture by reducing organizational risk. Vulnerability management ...
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Professionally Evil Fundamentals: What is OWASP

Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

When an organization has a breach, you would like to imagine that the attacker crafted a new exploit, leveraging a zero-day vulnerability that no one has any protection against. However, It is ...

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