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AI Data Consumption and Analysis are a Cybersecurity Force Multiplier

Cybercriminals are creating smarter attacks using AI’s ability to increase its own knowledge as it consumes data. Data analysis can help ...
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Cado Security Report Surfaces Most Common Cyberattack Vectors

A Cado Security analysis of cyberattack patterns found nearly every instance of an opportunistic attack started with a scan for vulnerabilities within SSH ...
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IAST Integrate SAST Tools with DevSecOps

How to Use a SAST Scanner

The pressure is on for organizations to deploy applications faster than ever before. Users and clients are hungry for new, innovative and accessible technologies, and businesses continue to embrace digital transformation to ...
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The Internet Dilemma: Leveraging the Value While Reducing Vulnerabilities

Today, an organization’s brand and reputation are intrinsically tied to its data security and privacy protections. Years ago, we couldn’t foresee the potential impact of digital technology innovations on brand stability. Network ...
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Uptycs API Security dwell time

Uptycs Adds Agentless Scanning to Integrated Cybersecurity Platform

Uptycs has added an agentless scanning capability to its platform that combines the capabilities of a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) and an extended detection and response (XDR) solution into a single ...
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The Evolution of Vulnerability Scanning and Pentesting

An awareness of unprotected vulnerabilities and risks is the starting point for determining the best way to align resources with cybersecurity. By conducting regular real-world attack testing, security operations can illuminate weaknesses ...
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StackHawk Expands API Security Testing Suite

StackHawk this week expanded the scope of its application programming interface (API) security testing tools to now include the entire layer. Scott Gerlach, chief security officer for StackHawk, said the latest release ...
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Why Cloud Security Must Be a Team Effort 

Over the past year, malicious actors have discovered just how disruptive and lucrative cyberattacks can be, while experts predict cybercrime will cost $10.5 trillion in damages by 2025. Spurred by an increased ...
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Benefits of a Website Malware Scanner

Malicious code/ software can wreak havoc for the business, from account takeover and database tampering to stealing data and causing other forms of cyberattacks. A website malware scanner enables organizations to proactively address the challenge. The post ...

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