Shining a Light on OAuth Abuse with PwnAuth

Shining a Light on OAuth Abuse with PwnAuth

Introduction Spear phishing attacks are seen as one of the biggest cyber threats to an organization. It only takes one employee to enter their credentials or run some malware for an entire ...
Application Exceeds its Brief

Privacy: When the Application Exceeds its Brief

The recent imbroglio surrounding Facebook and its Android application exceeding its brief caught the attention of all users. In other words, the application was requesting access to information on your device that ...
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Cloud IAM Protocols + Architecture | Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Video Cloud IAM Protocols + Architecture

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® is simple to use, but the actual architecture of the platform is quite complex. To help shed a light on the mechanics underpinning our cloud directory, JumpCloud’s Chief... The post ...