Kubernetes RCE Vulnerability Allows Remote Code Execution

Tomer Peled, an Akamai cybersecurity security researcher, recently discovered a Kubernetes RCE vulnerability that allows threat actors to remotely execute code on Windows endpoints. Not only this but the threat actors can ...

FritzFrog Botnet Strikes Back Exploiting Log4Shell Vulnerability

A new variant of the sophisticated botnet “FritzFrog” has emerged, leveraging the Log4Shell vulnerability for propagation. Despite more than two years passing since the Log4j flaw was discovered, attackers continue to exploit ...
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Different Types of CISOs, Diverse Missions

There are a range of distinct roles/missions that hold the CISO title. Their ultimate goals are similar, but how they are positioned to do that varies ...
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Akamai Sees Surge of Cyberattacks Aimed at Financial Services

An Akamai report showed cyberattacks against APIs used in the financial services sector have increased 65% year-over-year ...
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Karma Catches Up to Global Phishing Service 16Shop

Karma Catches Up to Global Phishing Service 16Shop

You've probably never heard of "16Shop," but there's a good chance someone using it has tried to phish you. Last week, the international police organization INTERPOL said it had shuttered the notorious ...
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Akamai Extends API Security Services After Neosec Acquisition

Following its acquisition of Neosec earlier this year, Akamai Technologies today added an ability to secure application programming interfaces (APIs) to its portfolio of cybersecurity services ...
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Akamai to Extend API Security Reach via Neosec Acquisition

Akamai Technologies plans to make it easier to detect application programming interfaces (APIs) using behavioral analytics following its acquisition of Neosec. Patrick Sullivan, CTO of security strategy at Akamai, said that while ...
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Akamai Report Surfaces Spike in Attacks Against Web Apps and APIs

A report published by Akamai Technologies suggested that in addition to launching attacks against web applications, more cybercriminals are specifically looking to compromise application programming interfaces (APIs). Overall, the attacks against web ...
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Akamai Adds Agentless Option for Securing IoT and OT Devices

Akamai Technologies today extended the reach of its microsegmentation platform by adding support for an agentless approach to secure internet-of-things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) devices. In addition, the company is launching ...
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Akamai Reports Massive Spike in Malicious Domain Activity

Akamai reported today it identified nearly 79 million malicious domains in the first half of 2022, which collectively represent a little more than 20% of all the newly observed domains (NODs) accessed ...
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