Managing and Responding to Advanced Cyber Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry

To protect the integrity and safety of their business-critical assets, cybersecurity must be a top priority for the oil and gas industry. Although they operate some of the nation’s most critical systems, securing these complex infrastructures can be a huge challenge. In recent years, the oil and gas industry has ... Read More

5 Container Security Risks Every Company Faces

Over the course of the past 10 years, traditional application development methodology (waterfall) has given way in favor of the more agile DevOps-centric methodologies focused on continuous delivery and continuous deployment. This trend was turbocharged in 2013 when Docker containers came onto the scene and ushered in the proverbial crossing ... Read More

Revisiting The Concepts of Disaster Recovery and Risk as Organizations Move Their Infrastructure To The Cloud

The calculus for disaster recovery and risk management is changing. Most small businesses within the past decade would often keep many of their critical technology assets locally, perhaps in a server closet, or a centralized data center for multiple offices. They built their own “vault” of applications, databases, email, files, ... Read More

Clean IT Up: Cyber Hygiene Controls Tips

October is national cybersecurity awareness month, and with the recent hacks at Door Dash, the discovery of a large-scale iOS hacking campaign, and a database containing 419 million phone numbers associated with Facebook accounts, we’re all likely feeling a little dirty. So, I decided to share my perspectives on cyber ... Read More

Top Tax Scams to Watch out For

Diligent taxpayers are being increasingly targeted by con artists who are well-versed in manipulating the revenue system. The crooks usually impersonate IRS (U.S. Internal Revenue Service) officials, sending fake emails or messages on social media in an attempt to defraud the targeted individuals of their money. Unfortunately, lots of people ... Read More

The Current State of CCPA – What You Need to Know

In the digital age, more often than not, you can be sure that some enterprise has hold of your personal information. This information could be your name, email, phone number, IP address, country and other details. This can come from submitting a form, subscribing to a newsletter, accepting cookies, accepting ... Read More

3 Types of Network Attacks to Watch Out For

Cybersecurity is becoming more of a common tongue term in today’s industry. It is being passed around the executive meetings along with financial information and projected marketing strategies. Here are some common attack vectors plaguing the industry when it comes to network infrastructure. It does not really matter the infrastructure ... Read More

Integrating Security to DevOps: Fundamental Principles Are Crucial!

Changing consumer demands posed a serious challenge to the IT industry; it pushed firms to brainstorm about quick product delivery. This demand eventually gave rise to the demand for collaboration between Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) teams, welcoming the DevOps trend. As a result, everything started progressing well with increased ... Read More

Don’t Let Your Analysts Become the Latest Victims of Burnout!

Working as a cybersecurity analyst is incredibly challenging. It’s one of the only roles in IT that requires 24/7/365 availability, as suffering a breach has become a matter of when, not if. The constant stressors of the job can overload security analysts, which ultimately leads to burnout—affecting every factor of ... Read More
Kebernetes 1 k8s adoption growth graph

Survey Reveals Kubernetes Usage Skyrocketing, but Security Concerns Remain

Containers have become a popular technology for enterprises that need to create agile, scalable and reliable applications. As they’re moving containerized workloads into production, many are adopting Kubernetes for container orchestration. While containerization enables DevOps to deploy software fast and efficiently, it also creates new security challenges, especially for those ... Read More