You: The First, Last and Best Data Protection and Privacy Defense – Part 1

If you have followed our work for any amount of time, you will note that we are fans of certain information security technologies such as encryption, AI and machine learning as well as blockchain. But you will also note we are very specific, cautious and surgical about their use. Encryption ... Read More

Alert Fatigue Is a Big Cybersecurity Problem

Alarms and alerts surround us every day. From the moment our clocks wake us up in the morning, we rely on alarms for many things. But what happens when those alarms and alerts malfunction? What does it do to us and how does that affect our day to day life? ... Read More

Multi-Cloud Security Best Practices Guide

A multi-cloud network is a cloud network that consists of more than one cloud services provider. A straightforward type of multi-cloud network involves multiple infrastructure as a service (IaaS) vendors. For example, you could have some of your cloud network’s servers and physical network provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), ... Read More

ICS Security: The European Perspective

ICS security is concerned with securing and safeguarding industrial control systems, keeping processes and machinery running smoothly, and ensuring that the information and data shown on the control room dashboards and screens are accurate. Like every system that is networked to the Internet, ICS must be properly secured. The problem ... Read More

Data Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Businesses that fail to take the steps necessary to protect their data, information and digital infrastructure are far more likely to suffer a data breach. A breach has the potential to do lasting harm and may even place the very survival of a business at risk. Organizations would do well ... Read More

Why You Should Consider a Career in Government Cyber Security

Cyber crime is a serious and growing problem, with experts predicting that it will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. And as seen in recent high-profile hacks and data breaches involving U.S. government agencies (the NSA, the Office of Personnel Management, the Securities and Exchange Commission and others), ... Read More

DevOps and Cloud: The Match that Drives Today’s Businesses

When concepts like DevOps and Cloud computing come together, this powerful combination propels organizational growth at a rapid speed. Some trends in today’s industry have helped bring about the collaboration of these two most important change agents. Let’s take a look at them here: The world is witnessing an industry-wide ... Read More

Some Dos and Don’ts for Hiring Your Security Leader

I’m an executive-level security headhunter. That means I spend a lot of my week doing two things: talking to CISOs or those people ready to be CISOs and consulting with companies that are in the market for a security leader. My experience is that companies looking for a security leader ... Read More

BSidesLV Preview: Who Watches the Watchers?: Understanding the Internet’s Background Noise

The instant a device is connected to the internet, it gets scanned and interrogated for open ports, software versions, and default passwords. Who conducts these scans and why? When you connect to the internet, what kind of attacks will you immediately see? The days of mass exploitation are upon us ... Read More

BSidesLV Preview: Fighting Fraud in the Trenches

The famed bank robber Willie Sutton once said “I rob banks because that’s where the money is.” These days, botnet operators would say the same thing about retail sites and marketplaces. The nexus of fraud activity has shifted away from financial services targets to focus heavily on the retail ecosystem ... Read More