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Staying Protected Against Ongoing Uncertainty

At the close of 2021, security thought leaders across the industry, including myself, issued cybersecurity predictions for the year ahead. While it was nearly impossible to predict some of the recent global events, many forecasted that some of the challenges of the past few years would still be problematic. Over ... Read More
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How Optimism Bias Undermines Cybersecurity

While we like to think of ourselves as highly rational and logical, the human brain is sometimes too optimistic for its own good. For example, in our personal lives, we may be likely to grossly underestimate the chances that we’ll experience a negative life event or be involved in an ... Read More
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Palo Alto SASE 5G Health Care's Biggest Security Threat

Modernizing Health Care Security with SASE

Since 2013 and the most recent set of updates to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), U.S. health care providers have been adopting technologies faster than at any point in the preceding decades. In particular, information security and risk management tools have been a part of nearly every ... Read More
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Automated Network Segmentation is a Security Service Away

Network segmentation is a practice as old as Ethernet. Though it was originally a practice to limit broadcast domains, as the number of connected devices and environments grew, the applicability of segmentation became a staple practice for security, as well. However, with environments adding or removing hundreds to thousands of ... Read More
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Could Network Security Be Key to Ideal UX?

Typically, network security stays unnoticed and under the surface unless it’s directly impacting a user (e.g., host firewall or VPN issues impairing video conferences). To achieve this type of unnoticed security, industry professionals focus on building networks with security and user experience in mind from the start. Consider for a ... Read More
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Taking Steps Toward an Impactful SASE Architecture

Given the complexity of digitization initiatives for most companies over the last decade, the world has grown acutely aware of how crucial good cybersecurity is for business health. More than ever before, this past year demonstrated that predicting the future is difficult, if not impossible – this is no different ... Read More
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Measuring Security Risk vs. Success

Oftentimes, how organizations measure risk determines how they will prioritize investments. For IT professionals, building a set of metrics for security needs is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety, because if measurements look at the wrong data or indicators, they may lead to a false sense of security. Security programs ... Read More
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