The State of the Cybersecurity Market: Where We’ve Come, Where We’re Going

There’s an interesting trend that I have personally noticed over the past few years: organizations are starting to take cybersecurity more seriously. With the multitude of high-profile data breaches, organizations are starting to realize that cybersecurity is a significant risk to the business. This allows CISOs and other similar titles ... Read More

Vulnerability Management Program Best Practices

An enterprise vulnerability management program can reach its full potential when it is built on well-established foundational goals that address the information needs of all stakeholders, when its output is tied back to the goals of the enterprise and when there is a reduction in the overall risk of the ... Read More
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The Language of Risk: Bridging the Disconnect between the C-Suite and Cyber Security Experts

With data breaches regularly marking the headlines, it is no surprise that digital threats constitute an increasingly significant concern for the C-Suite and cyber security experts. What is surprising, however, is that these two groups don’t seem to share the same view of information security. They have different opinions when ... Read More

Vulnerability Management Metrics: The Final Frontier

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at some of the metrics that an executive team would want to see to identify how the business risk is trending. It is very important to keep in mind that if the business does not see the information security program as effective ... Read More

Turning Data into Metrics: A Vulnerability Management Story

One of the main issues I find across the information security industry is that we constantly need to justify our existence. Organizations have slowly realized they need to spend on IT to enable their businesses. Information security, on the other hand, is the team that is constantly preventing the business ... Read More

To Agent or Not to Agent: That Is the Vulnerability Management Question

With the evolution of technology comes new approaches to solving problems. Sometimes a new approach fixes the problem; sometimes it creates new ones. The good thing is as folks who work in fast-paced, high-tech environment, we information security professionals are great at quickly analyzing the new technologies and applying them ... Read More

Is Your Vulnerability Management Program Efficient and Successful?

Be organized and efficient. It’s a simple rule of life that makes things run a whole lot smoother. This is something especially important when running your vulnerability management program. There are only so many hours in a day, rather, there are only so many hours in a down cycle where ... Read More

The Sky Is Falling! No Wait, That’s Just Our Data in the Cloud!

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Back in the good old days, we used to have to order physical servers to run our applications. When servers became too expensive, we found efficiency in virtualization. Why have one box running one server when I could have 10 or more on a single box? Who would have thought ... Read More
The Five Stages of Vulnerability Management

The Five Stages of Vulnerability Management

A key to having a good information security program within your organization is having a good vulnerability management program. Most, if not all, regulatory policies and information security frameworks advise having a strong vulnerability management program as one of the first things an organization should do when building their information ... Read More