There’s an interesting trend that I have personally noticed over the past few years: organizations are starting to take cybersecurity more seriously. With the multitude of high-profile data breaches, organizations are starting to realize that cybersecurity is a significant risk to the business. This allows CISOs and other similar titles with leadership responsibilities to have a larger budget for people, process improvements, and supporting technologies.

Maximizing Your Cybersecurity Investments

Obviously, organizations can direct their budget to many different initiatives with the hope of improving their overall digital security posture. But not all investments are the same. Even the most well-intentioned investments could fail to tangibly improve an enterprise-wide security posture if they are directed to the wrong initiative.

With that said, the key for organizations moving forward is to invest smartly rather than spending on the latest potential silver bullet. There are no silver bullets in security. Rather, it starts with a strong focus on the basics of cybersecurity such as knowing what assets are on your network, ensuring they are configured securely and confirming that vulnerability risk is mitigated and remediated. Once this foundation is in place and operating efficiently, organizations can move to more advanced threat detection and hunting capabilities.

The Stumbling Blocks – Current and Future

Establishing a solid security foundation doesn’t come without its obstacles. Just like any sport or activity, having a solid understanding of the fundamentals is what leads to success. More often than not, however, staff and students are taught how to break into things or detect things before they are taught how to keep up-to-date with an asset inventory while ensuring vulnerability risk is mitigated and configurations of those systems remain secure. Organizations should be able to partner with both industry experts and their vendor partners to ensure their staff are kept (Read more...)