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Sam Curry Discusses Privacy, Data Ownership, and Business Continuity

TechSpective Podcast Episode 057 We frequently see data referred to as the “new oil” or the “lifeblood of business.” Hyperbolic catch phrases aside, though, data is everywhere. All of the things are data. As the rate of data creation skyrockets exponentially, we are struggling as a global community with how ... Read More

Frank Duff Chats about Latest MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation

TechSpective Podcast Episode 056 MITRE ATT&CK has quickly become an invaluable, third-party assessment that the cybersecurity industry and customers can reference as an objective demonstration of how the tools and platforms perform in real-world conditions. MITRE just released the results of the third MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation. 29 vendors participated in ... Read More

Shashi Prakash Chats about Cryptocurrency and NFT Fraud

TechSpective Podcast Episode 055 One of the hot trends right now is the NFT. NFT–pronounced by some as “nifty” because it is catchier than saying N-F-T–stands for “non-fungible token”. NFTs exist in a world that few truly understand (and I don’t claim to be one of them)–a mix of trendy ... Read More

Exploiting Embedded Linux Devices Through the JTAG Interface

With the explosion of internet-of-things (IoT) and connected, industrial IoT (IIoT), and connected, smart home devices, it is getting harder and harder to find things that don’t have some sort of embedded operating system and connectivity today. While connected devices can streamline productivity and provide a variety of benefits, they ... Read More

Why Healthcare Security Requires an Operation-Centric Approach

The healthcare industry is getting much more attention than normal right now. COVID-19 has disrupted business operations and turned lives upside down around the world as everyone struggles to get the pandemic under control ... Read More

Intel Illustrates Its Focus on Transparency in Security with 2020 Product Security Report

I am not sure if you noticed or not, but 2020 was a strange year. The COVID-19 pandemic completely disrupted the business model for most companies and forced an acceleration in digital transformation—even for companies who weren’t planning on, or prepared for, it. The net result is that there were ... Read More

Gaining Root Access on Sierra Wireless AirLink Devices

Wi-Fi connectivity is increasingly pervasive. Many organizations have embraced Wi-Fi as a primary means of connecting to network applications and resources. It is significantly cheaper and more convenient than having to run ethernet cable throughout the office. It is also a more feasible option today than it once was because ... Read More

Intel Teams with Cybereason to Fight Ransomware at the CPU Level

Ransomware has emerged in recent years as one of the most pervasive and effective cyber threats. It is generally easy to automate and execute ransomware attacks, and there is very little risk to the attackers—yet this type of attack enables cybercriminals to extort a steady stream of revenue from victims ... Read More
Better Security through the Security Development Lifecycle

Better Security through the Security Development Lifecycle

In technology circles, the acronym SDL is commonly understood to stand for Software Development Lifecycle. There is another very important “S”, though: Security. Intel recently published a white paper that describes the Security Development Lifecycle—an SDL developed to provide a framework for consistent application of privacy and security practices across ... Read More

Ben Carr Chats about 2021 and the Evolving Role of the CISO

Every year around this time, tech and cybersecurity media take a look back at the year that is winding down, and experts and pundits make predictions about the year ahead. It is a holiday tradition. From a cybersecurity perspective, it generally feels like the holiday we are celebrating is Ground ... Read More