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Best Practices for Securing Locally Stored Employee Data

Many businesses are moving to the cloud, but others still retain some data in on-premises solutions. Local storage has many advantages, including providing more control over data security measures and practices. However, higher control also means more responsibility. Businesses that store employee data locally should carefully consider how they can ... Read More
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Protecting Gaming Devices From Trojan Viruses

Everything that connects to the internet is susceptible to a virus. In every form, viruses can hold files hostage or even corrupt them so you can’t access their contents. Worse, you can spread them to others unknowingly. All gaming devices are at risk of viruses, not just desktop or laptop ... Read More
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Process Automation and Cybersecurity

Process automation is often seen as a good investment both to improve productivity and to support existing workers when hiring additional talent isn’t possible. However, automating processes can have drawbacks – there are unique cybersecurity requirements businesses must consider before widely implementing these systems. Cybersecurity must become an essential investment for businesses ... Read More
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