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Authentication and Beyond: What Defines Today?s Identity Platform

Identity and access management has come to mean much more than authentication. Today?s identity platform must provide a strong foundation for not just passwords and tokens, but also robust multi-factor authentication (including ...
Is This Your Password? Protect your access points from insider threats with Passly to reduce outbound data breach risk represented by a cartoon burglar with a laptop

How Are Cybercriminals Stealing Business Data?

How are cybercriminals stealing business data? Very easily using tools like ransomware. Does that put your business at risk? Yes. Here's how to mitigate it quickly and affordably ...

The Security Challenges of the Cloud

As more companies transition to the cloud, their sensitive corporate- and compliance-related data are no longer stored and used behind multiple layers of perimeter security. Instead, security teams are faced with multiple ...
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Sign in with Apple

Why Sign in with Apple Is a Good Thing

Mobile app developers who care about security will be excited to implement Sign in with Apple and see how this balance of user experience, privacy and security will propel the industry forward ...
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