The Security Challenges of the Cloud

As more companies transition to the cloud, their sensitive corporate- and compliance-related data are no longer stored and used behind multiple layers of perimeter security. Instead, security teams are faced with multiple ...
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Sign in with Apple

Why Sign in with Apple Is a Good Thing

Mobile app developers who care about security will be excited to implement Sign in with Apple and see how this balance of user experience, privacy and security will propel the industry forward ...
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multifactor authentication

Making the Move to Multifactor Authentication

Over the last few years, multifactor authentication (MFA) has come a long way. In the past, MFA required that you carry a hard token on you at all times, but now, it ...
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Time to Tighten Up Cybersecurity to Fight Tax Fraud

We’ve described cyber criminals as opportunists many times. They’re adept at leveraging big events―from natural disasters to holidays―to their advantage. Like it or not, tax season is one such event that shows ...

What Is Sign in with Apple’s Impact on Development?

 With more than 5 billion mobile phones on the market around the globe, mobile security is more important than ever. And the recent announcement from Apple around its Sign in with Apple guidelines ...
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A Look Forward to 2020 and a New Decade of Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity has become a chess match (albeit a fast-paced version) between enterprises and online criminals as they to try to out-maneuver one another. Staying up to date on the latest cyber threats ...