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Thundra Supports AWS Lambda’s Increased Ephemeral Storage

AWS announced AWS Lambda’s increased ephemeral storage (/tmp) configurable up to 10GB. This update introduces a drastic increase in the storage limits up to 20x which enables a lot of businesses to ...
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Introducing Custom Dashboards: Visualize & Analyze Your Data

| | Monitoring, observability
We are excited to announce the launch of Thundra APM’s fully customizable custom dashboards to meet our customers’ needs for visualizing, analyzing, and troubleshooting their observability data ...

Observation vs. Monitoring: What’s the Difference in the World of Cybersecurity

I took note of the recent uptick in discussions about the concept of observation in the IT world and found myself compelled to come back to the topic, which I’ve touched on ...
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Top 10 GitHub Actions You Should Use to set up your CI/CD Pipeline

| | Monitoring, testing
  Photo by GitHub GitHub announced GitHub Actions in late 2018 as a new CI/CD platform where users can automate workflows and build development cycles ...
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Test Debugging for GitHub Actions

| | Monitoring, testing
In a world where minutes of downtime can overthrow SLAs, cause significant amounts of customer frustration, and as a matter of fact cost millions of dollars, observability is shifting left in the ...
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Why Are Your Tests Failing?

| | Monitoring, testing
Testing is a crucial part of software development. Whether you’re programming a spaceship or a game, bugs in your code can be (or at least feel) disastrous ...
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Test Monitoring for TeamCity

| | Monitoring, testing
Debug your tests in your TeamCity CI/CD pipelines with Thundra Foresight Thundra Foresight is designed for developers to monitor their builds and debug their tests in continuous integration pipelines ...

Taking a Look at AWS and Cloud Security Monitoring

More and more companies understand the benefits of cloud computing, which is making their migration to the cloud more rapid. Per IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Study, 81% of organizations said that they’ve ...


| | Monitoring, services
RansomCARE Proactive risk mitigation & 24/7 incident management – on-site and remote. Contact us Contact us Download Solution Brief Overview – Remember, not every breach needs to be a catastrophe. Why do ...

On the Importance of Protecting U.S. Pipeline Owners and Operators

In the beginning of May, a U.S. pipeline company suffered a ransomware attack. The company decided to respond by halting operations while it investigated the incident. This delayed tens of millions of ...

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