3 Reasons to Integrate Access Control and Video Security

The average cost of data breaches rose to $4.35 million in 2022. To avoid a security breach, businesses need to rethink their approach to security, futureproofing their strategy against the modern threat climate. To improve your security strategy, you should consider the benefits of integrating access control and video security.

There are three reasons access control and video security need to be integrated, including the need to integrate technologies from different brands.

How to Integrate Access Control and Video Security?

You can integrate access control and video security in two ways. First, you can opt for a video intercom reader that combines access control and video security in a single device.

Video intercom readers perform the same function as a typical intercom system, only with built-in video and access control. You can access voice recognition with a video intercom reader, allowing for MFA at your building’s entrance, ensuring the user’s identity.

Or, secondly, you can opt for cloud-based access control and video camera systems that enable open API integrations, integrating two different technologies.

Of course, to create a fully-integrated system, you’ll need to ensure your security elements are ONVIF compliant, allowing you to integrate technologies from different brands or manufacturers.

3 Reasons to Integrate Access Control and Video Security

Below you’ll find a list of the top reasons you should integrate access control and video security and how this can benefit your security strategy.

1. Increases Security With Integrated Data

Integrating access control and video security allows you to implement identity verification at your building’s entrance. Any access control system comes with the critical vulnerability of an unauthorized person stealing access credentials and using them to enter the building.

There would be no measure to verify their identity, meaning they could enter the building unchecked with someone else’s credentials, leading to a significant security breach.

Your sensitive data and assets are stored in your building, and a security breach could lead to a breach of GDPR compliance, causing liability issues and significant financial losses.

However, with integrated access control and video surveillance, you can verify users’ identities to confirm that they are using their access credentials. To automate the access control process, you can implement facial recognition software. The software will provide MFA at your building’s entrance, permitting entry once the system recognizes a user’s face.

If you were to host access control logs and video feed information on separate platforms, you would need to correlate data from different platforms to verify user identity. In a security response procedure, this time-consuming process could impact the efficiency of your security response.

Combining both sets of data on a single platform will make it readily accessible to verify user identity—creating a more user-friendly experience for security personnel.

2. Enforces Rule And Role-Based Access Credentials

With a video intercom system, you can grant rule-based and role-based credentials.

In any business, visitors, interviewees, and contractors shouldn’t be able to access areas containing sensitive assets and data or dangerous equipment. You can enforce rule and role-based access credentials to secure these assets from visitors.

By integrating your video intercom system with smart locks throughout the building, you can ensure that visitors and certain employees cannot access these sensitive spaces. Their credentials will allow them to access the areas they need for daily operations but nothing further.

Additionally, you can verify the identity of visitors before they enter the property using the video intercom feature, ensuring your visitors’ identities are verified. Your system will provide system administrators with an approval alert allowing them to use the intercom feature and approve visitors.

3. Allows For Remote Management Of Security Tools

Security professionals and system administrators need more time to stay up-to-date on security happenings consistently. Monitoring surveillance feed and access logs are incredibly time-consuming.

With integrated surveillance and access control, your security personnel and system administrators can view security information anywhere. Additionally, they can manage security remotely in the following ways:

● Operating door locks—To permit entry for visitors, security staff can operate door locks using their mobile application or cloud-based control center. They do not need to visit the building’s entrance to unlock doors manually.

● Manually verifying identity—If a visitor attempts to enter the building, your security staff will receive an alert that lets them know a user or visitor is entering the building. They can use the mobile app to view the camera footage, verifying the visitor’s identity.

● Alerts for failed entry—If your intercom system cannot verify a user’s identity, your security staff will receive a notification, allowing them to respond quickly and investigate the incident. Receiving an alert with a real-time update will allow instant action if there is a potential security threat.

Using an ONVIF-compliant system ensures that your open platform security infrastructure enables the integration of devices from different manufacturers and brands under one platform. Consider ONVIF IP cameras and security platforms to build an infrastructure with integration and visibility in mind.


Now that you’re aware of the benefits and applications of integrated access control and video security for your security strategy, it’s time to rethink your approach to building security. Consider the gaps in your existing system and whether integrated access control and video security could be the solution.

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