Introducing Security Insights and Actions for Serverless-Centric Apps

In all the product management books, there’s a common consensus about product delivery: You never know how the product that you designed will work for customers before you actually roll it out. It was also the same for us with Thundra. We are very well known as the only serverless observability vendor that can automatically trace distributed services from the high level to the bottom with line-by-line tracing. However, we see some of our customers using our Product in a surprisingly different way. Using our extensive querying capabilities with traces and operations search, customers were setting up alerts to see if their Lambda functions are reaching to resources that they are not supposed to reach. In order to do so, they were writing really long queries that even I couldn’t imagine. When I made long interviews to understand their needs, the idea was sparked to extend Thundra to help developers secure their applications. After all the hard work that all the team put for a long time, it’s time to reveal our secret: We are proud to extend our offering to serverless security on top of our unmatched observability capabilities for serverless-centric applications. 

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