Is Your Security Dashboard Ready for the Cloud?

The ability to feed key security information onto a big screen dashboard opens up many new opportunities for managing the day-to-day security and maintenance workload as well as providing a useful method of highlighting new incidents faster than “just another email alert.” Most Security Operation Centres I’ve visited in recent ... Read More

ITIL, Problem Management and Tripwire Enterprise

I’ve written about ITIL and Tripwire Enterprise, offering a secure approach to managing your Change Management processes, but ITIL’s guidelines offer more than just recommendations around ensuring changes happen as expected. Problem management is another key area where Tripwire Enterprise can help you on your ITIL journey. ITIL sensibly focuses ... Read More

ITIL, the Change Management Process and Tripwire Enterprise

When I speak with clients about their approach to managing their IT services, many organisations mention ITIL practices as a cornerstone to their approach. This is hardly surprising since the ITIL framework describes a sensible methodology for IT management, looking at the use of technology through the lens of what ... Read More

Stop Working in Silos: Integrating with APIs

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the quantity of three-letter acronyms when you’re working with software and technology, but there’s three letters that are becoming increasingly more important in the world of software: API. “Application Programming Interface” sounds like it’s going to be an ominously complicated topic, but it’s a ... Read More

New IT Holiday Traditions to Consider This Year

As most of the world gets ready for a holiday break, many companies will be starting their IT change control freezes to ensure nothing breaks during a period of reduced staffing. No one wants to return from the annual office party and find a last-minute change has brought their infrastructure ... Read More