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Report Surfaces Root Causes of Cloud Security Issues

Palo Alto Networks found that half of the critical exposures discovered in cloud computing environments can be traced back to recently added or updated cloud services ...
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Google Report Reveals Most Widely Used Cloud Attack Vectors

A Google report showed the majority of cloud security issues involved stolen credentials followed by misconfigurations ...
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Survey Reveals the Severity of Cloud Security Challenge

A full 80% of 400 cloud engineering and security practitioners and leaders surveyed by market research firm Propeller Insights on behalf of Snyk experienced at least one major cloud security incident in ...
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Why Automation is a Must Have for Disaster Recovery

We have seen a spate of cloud service provider outages with overly negative economic impact. The AWS outage in December 2021 disrupted Disney+, Ticketmaster, Slack and Netflix, among a host of others ...
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Sonrai Adds Ability to Determine Vulnerability Blast Radius

Sonrai Security today announced it has expanded its cloud security platform to include the ability to determine the potential blast radius of a vulnerability. The Sonrai Dig platform uses a graph engine ...
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How to Avoid a Cloud Misconfiguration-Caused Breach

It may not be a new source of threats, but it has emerged as one of the most widespread: Nine out of 10 organizations are vulnerable to cloud misconfiguration-linked breaches. These breaches cost ...
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Lacework Acquires Soluble to Improve Cloud Security

Lacework this week revealed it has acquired Soluble, a provider of a platform for remediating code that was created to provision infrastructure. At the same time, Lacework has added an inline vulnerability ...
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Palo Alto Networks Adds Cloud Misconfiguration Tool

Palo Alto Networks today revealed that its Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud offering has been extended using another tool that now makes it possible to also detect configuration drifts across multiple clouds. Bridgecrew ...
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Five Most Common Cloud Threats

Cloud threats are on the rise. At any point in time, sensitive data can move between 2,481 different cloud apps and services, making it a prime target for cybercriminals. A recent study ...
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Responding to Cloud Misconfigurations with Security Automation and Common-Sense Tips

Responding to Cloud Misconfigurations with Security Automation and Common-Sense Tips

Few things can boil the blood of a security professional quite like the unforced error. It is a common term... The post Responding to Cloud Misconfigurations with Security Automation and Common-Sense Tips ...