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How to Avoid a Cloud Misconfiguration-Caused Breach

It may not be a new source of threats, but it has emerged as one of the most widespread: Nine out of 10 organizations are vulnerable to cloud misconfiguration-linked breaches. These breaches cost enterprises $3.18 trillion a year with 21.2 billion records exposed. Keep in mind that these numbers are extremely ... Read More
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The Attacker Playbook Hasn’t Changed

Businesses are scrambling to address cybersecurity from the perspective of the "new normal" of a remote work-from-home workforce, but for attackers this is just another day and business as usual ... Read More

Investing in the Analyst Why It’s So Important

Training and certifications are good, but if you really want to invest in develop a team of analysts and foster loyalty and nurture leaders, you need to invest in the human element and establish relationships ... Read More

Human Expertise Is the Key to Effective Cybersecurity Automation

Tools that automate cybersecurity functions have value and potential, but human expertise and having the right skills and knowledge to tune the tools and manage the resulting incidents is essential ... Read More

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