2020 Begins with Three Exciting Events All Across the Globe!

2020 Begins with Three Exciting Events All Across the Globe!

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If You’re Going to San-Francisco… 😎 it’s time to meet us at RSA® Conference 2020! Visit Us, We’re at Booth 735M Stop by our booth 735M at RSA® Conference 2020 to meet ...
Reflectiz - 3rd-party security for websites

“Okay, let’s say you are a CiSO” (…) This is how our newly released video starts. Now it’s time to watch it!

We are very proud to introduce our new animation clip, presenting the biggest blind-spot that one very cool CiSO, called P.T Jones, faces. Though he’s a stone-age character, this CiSO actually comes ...

A clean bill of health for PCI Compliance

The British Medical Journal has overhauled the way in which they handle card payments via their contact centre, ensuring both PCI Compliance and safeguarding their reputation and building upon their trusted foundations ...
fake news

Media Under Cyberattack: The Real Fake News Threat

The term “fake news” is one that we hear often lately, a phrase uttered when someone doesn’t like or agree with media coverage. But fake news has a more sinister side, one ...
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ProtonVPN supports data journalists through the European Journalism Centre

ProtonVPN supports data journalists through the European Journalism Centre

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Starting this World Press Freedom Day, ProtonVPN will be offering discounts to data journalists through the European Journalism Centre’s new website, DataJournalism.com. This April, the European Journalism Centre launched DataJournalism.com to help ...
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Get, Set, Election, Go: Preparing For The 2019 Elections

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As India advances towards the general elections, this year, it will be the world's largest democratic exercise, and the biggest test ever for digital news publishers. India has close to 900 million ...
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Future Proofing Your Content Security Perimeter with Enhanced Token Authentication

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Security in the media & entertainment industry means securing the entire content consumption path. For any OTT or streaming company that wants to serve or distribute its content to end users, has ...

Prevent Access to Unauthorized Viewers with Enhanced Proxy Detection

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In some cases, geo-blocking might also be implemented as the content or services might be illegal under local laws for e.g. Online gambling services may use geo-blocking to block the service availability ...
Securing CDN Delivery with TLS at Massive Scale

Securing CDN Delivery with TLS at Massive Scale

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Over the last few years, there have been several cryptographic protocol improvements including the introduction of Transport Layer Security (TLS). Meanwhile, HTTPS requirements from major browsers, social networks, standards bodies launching new ...
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Packet Pacing Benefits for Midgress Traffic

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Akamai's Smooth Delivery Pacing (SDP) made an impression last year by increasing client network performance while simultaneously reducing retransmissions. If you missed the details and want to learn more about SDP, please ...