Mac and Android updates 26th May 2018

Mac cryptomining, Apple app takedowns, Google tracking iPhone users, Appknox on vulnerable Android shopping apps ... Read More

Mac Cryptomining

Cryptomining on the Mac is more common than you might think. Malwarebytes has analysed an interesting example ... Read More

Disconcerting Android stories and one bit of good news

Facebook demands too much privilege, Kaspersky on cyberespionage in the Middle East, Symantec on malware returning to Google Play, and Sophos on Google's insisting (at last) that device makers patch properly ... Read More

Apple and Android news

Android, iOS, phishing, privacy, macOS, Signal app ... Read More

Tech support scam article for ESET

There may be persuasive reasons why providers are reluctant to engage directly with their customers, but the consequences may be grim for both provider and customer. (Plus links to stories about Nigerian BEC scams and fraudulently-obtained airline tickets.) ... Read More

Evil maids and Apple debugs

Patrick Wardle's 'Do Not Disturb' app, and Apple's updates ... Read More

UK ID Theft, IWF report on child abuse, Gold Galleon BEC

ID theft, a report on child sexual abuse images, and BEC (Business Email Compromise) fraud ... Read More

Miscellaneous mobile malfeasance

Android spyware, Google and privacy, phone tracking, iOS Trustjacking ... Read More

Android: shady security apps

ESET's interview with Lukáš Štefanko, following up on his article on near- or completely-useless Android apps ... Read More

Miscellaneous Android issues…

Unreliable patching, MazarBot in Bengaluru, three apps tied to APTs ... Read More