Apple updates 10th December 2018

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Apologies for the continuing silence from this page, due to bereavement and personal illness. I still don’t have much time to give to this project at the moment, but here are a few ‘catch-ups’. A big dollop of Apple updates across practically everything, summarized here by The Register: It’s December ... Read More

Susceptibility to phishing

The more you know about phishing, the likelier you are to fall for it? Really? ... Read More

Apple and Android updates 17th November 2018

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Some recent reports of interest to Apple and Android customers ... Read More

More on the Bloomberg claims

I’ve often taken issue with Cylance (and other so-called next-generation vendors) over its misleading claims about mainstream detection techniques. However, the company has published some discussion among its own researchers regarding Bloomberg’s claims about supply-chain security issues relating to Apple and other big US companies, and several good points are ... Read More

Apple, GrayKey, Google

Apple privacy concerns: iOS update discourages policeware, but Google's money still pours in, it seems ... Read More

Antisocial Android Apps

Lukas Stefanko for ESET: Banking Trojans continue to surface on Google Play The malicious apps have all been removed from the official Android store but not before the apps were installed by almost 30,000 users BuzzFeed: Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion-Dollar ... Read More

Should Bloomberg retract?

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John Gruber cites Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy’s tweet while considering Bloomberg’s decreasingly convincing insistence on the Apple/Amazon/etc. supply chain story: AWS CEO ANDY JASSY: ‘BLOOMBERG SHOULD RETRACT’ I have to agree: Bloomberg’s position is not looking very tenable. David Harley Advertisements ... Read More

Apple and personal data, plus Android issues

Apple extends GDPR(-ish) to US users, while Security Boulevard looks at Safari extensions. Plus Android monopolizing and the Titan chip ... Read More

Another iOS passcode bypass bug

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Hacker News: New iPhone Bug Gives Anyone Access to Your Private Photos – “A security enthusiast who discovered a passcode bypass vulnerability in Apple’s iOS 12 late last month has now dropped another passcode bypass bug that works on the latest iOS 12.0.1 that was released last week.” See also ... Read More

Krebs/Sager interview on supply chain security

Brian Krebs interview with Tony Sager, on supply chain security ... Read More