China Wants to Control All the Internet With ‘New IP’ Plan

The Chinese Communist Party wants to remake the internet in its own image,supported by such transparent regimes as Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran ...
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The Risks of Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs)

It’s no secret that pre-shared keys are insecure, especially compared to digital certificates. However, with many services being moved to the cloud, fewer and fewer resources are being stored in-network. Shared files ...
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Hackers Selling Business, Customer Data at Bargain Prices

Every single one of us is for sale on the dark web. We know that—or at least, we should be aware of that risk. But what we may not know is the ...
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How to Isolate Sensitive Data from Compromised PCs and Networks

In your organization’s IT environment, the reality is that networks and end user PCs are vulnerable, which leaves your sensitive data exposed. To contend with this reality, establishing segmented networks for sensitive ...
Protecting Your High Valued Assets with Theresa Lanowitz of voke

New voke Impact Note Explores Bromium Protected App

Hackers only need to get it right once to bypass cyber security solutions and bring chaos to your organization, compromise your application integrity, and abscond with your IP You need to assume ...
Protecting Your High Valued Assets with Theresa Lanowitz of voke

We Have Answers: Questions the ‘How Virtualization Protects Your High-Value Assets’ Webinar

Thank you everyone who tuned in to watch our webinar on Bromium Protected App, and special thanks to our featured guest speaker – Theresa Lanowitz, Founder and Analyst with voke, Inc. We ...

Survey: Most CEOs Exfiltrate Intellectual Property When Leaving

| | CEO, data theft, IP
When a nation-state such as China steals the intellectual property (IP) of American companies and government, we collectively cry foul and talk about the need to better secure our IP and other ...
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CapLoader 1.7 Released

We are happy to announce the release of CapLoader 1.7! Here's an overview of what's new in this release: Regular expression searchingLookup of IP addresses using online servicesLookup of domain names using ...
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New Tariffs Expected to Increase Hacks on Intellectual Property

Could a trade war create a spike in hacking attempts? That’s the concern of cybersecurity professionals, who believe that the proposed new tariffs instituted by the United States will lead to an ...
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