New voke Impact Note Explores Bromium Protected App

  • Hackers only need to get it right once to bypass cyber security solutions and bring chaos to your organization, compromise your application integrity, and abscond with your IP 
  • You need to assume that you have already been breached, your endpoints have been compromised and your network and infrastructure are hostile 
  • The new voke Inc. Impact Note discusses today’s cyber security realities and explains how Bromium Protected App can help minimize the business risk of breaches 

Enterprises are spending enormous amounts of money on security tooling and protection practices, but attack continue to happen. Despite hard work and best efforts, it’s a fact that at some point, your endpoints and infrastructure are more than likely to get compromised. 

A Impact Note from a prominent research firm voke Inc. urges enterprises and government agencies to change their mindset about cyber security by assuming that everything is hostile – the endpoints and the corporate network. Yet, you can still access applications that drive your business activities and house your sensitive data and IP – by using hardware-enforced, virtualized environments.  

With virtualization, you don’t have to fear breaches of your endpoints or infrastructure – let your applications sit in isolation and execute exactly what needs to be done. You don’t need extra hardware, approval policies, or bottlenecks that impact the productivity of your workers. Virtualization helps you ensure that the right people have access to what they need without additional costs and restrictions.  

voke explores Bromium Protected App 

The Impact Note portrays Bromium as a visionary in the cyber security space, highlighting our expertise in virtualization and continued focus on protecting corporate endpoints and networks from damaging threats. The new offering of Bromium Protected App is described as a unique, innovative, and elegant solution to an out-of-control enterprise-scale problem of cyber security in a world where compromised endpoints and hostile networks are becoming commonplace.  

Bromium Protected App means you don’t have to worry if an endpoint device has been breached. While suspicious activity may be occurring around you, your sensitive applications and connections to High-Value Assets are walled off from all of the chaos. Through a hardware-enforced virtualization environment that sits below the operating system, your applications, sensitive data, and IP are protected. 

Download the voke Impact Note today to learn: 

  • How detection-based solutions are falling short of protecting against compromised devices 
  • Why it’s important to provide secure access to High-Value Assets, even if you have already taken steps to secure the endpoint 
  • How you can use virtualization to isolate and protect your applications while enhancing your productivity and secure what is most critical to your business—the application and your IP 

Download the Impact Note

And watch the on-demand webinar to hear Theresa Lanowitz, voke Founder and Analyst, present the highlights of this Impact Note.  



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