Webinar: Social Media Platforms and the Cybercrime Economy

New “Social Media Platforms and the Cybercrime Economy” report explores the role of social media in enabling cybercrime The author of the report, Dr. Mike McGuire, will discuss the key findings and recommendations in a live webinar on Wednesday, March 20 at 15:00 GMT | 11am EDT | 8am PDT ... Read More

Sushi, workshops, and demos – Bromium is ready for RSA!

Many opportunities to see Bromium while you're at RSA next week Check out our Threat Intelligence workshop Join us for sushi & sake at Ozumo The RSA conference is coming to San Francisco, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Where else can you mingle with so many cybersecurity ... Read More

Take the 2019 SANS Security Vulnerability Management Survey

New SANS survey aims to gather data on vulnerability management practices across industries and geographies Bromium partners with SANS in promoting the survey, and we encourage our customers to participate Don’t delay—the survey closes on Monday, January 14, 2019 As organizations look ahead toward the trials and possibilities of the ... Read More
Protecting Your High Valued Assets with Theresa Lanowitz of voke

New voke Impact Note Explores Bromium Protected App

Hackers only need to get it right once to bypass cyber security solutions and bring chaos to your organization, compromise your application integrity, and abscond with your IP You need to assume that you have already been breached, your endpoints have been compromised and your network and infrastructure are hostile ... Read More

EDR + Application Containment: Redefining the Modern Endpoint Security Stack

Despite record spending on cyber security, government agencies are not making significant headway in winning a battle against cybercrime. New white paper explores how threat-actors continues to be successful in bypassing layered defenses, highlights key DoD mission access use cases, and suggests an innovative approach to implementing a modern endpoint ... Read More

Bromium Announces Capture the Flag BYOM Challenge

Bromium is announcing a Capture the Flag Bring Your Own Malware (BYOM) competition To win a $30,000 cash prize, you have to submit a sample of malware that successfully breaks out from our hardware-enforced containment and gains access to the flag file For details, rules, and submission instructions, visit www.bromium.com/byom ... Read More

How Virtualization Protects Your High-Value Assets [Webinar]

Networks and devices will keep getting compromised. You need a strategy to protect your most critical applications and assets. Bromium Protected App protects your high-value assets (HVAs) against compromised devices On October 23, 2018, analysts from voke, Inc. and Bromium will discuss how organizations can use Bromium Protected App as ... Read More

How Much Can Application Isolation Save Your Organization?

How many times a day do each of your users click on a link to an unknown website? Or open an email attachment from an external sender? Bromium’s new risk assessment calculator highlights the your costs savings associated with reducing risk by isolating risky activities. The Risk Assessment calculator is ... Read More
Video: Bromium stops threats that other solutions miss

Stopping Threats in Real Time with Bromium Application Isolation

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Bromium virtualization-based security stops threats that other cyber security solutions miss Learn how Bromium provides real-time protection against zero-day threats – in just 90 seconds Share this video with your security and Ops teams, and anyone else who could benefit from learning about application isolation Explaining the benefits of application ... Read More
Hypervisor Security : Lessons Learned — Ian Pratt, Bromium — Platform Security Summit 2018

Hypervisor Security, Presentation by Ian Pratt

Bromium’s co-founder Ian Pratt delivered an insightful talk about hypervisors at Black Hat USA In his talk, Ian examines the evolution of hypervisor design, architecture, and technology over the years If you have missed Ian’s session at Black Hat, you can watch his presentation on hypervisors from @pltformsec here Micro-virtualization ... Read More