Watch the AEG Scale Denial of Service

Your Smart Scale is Leaking More than Your Weight: Privacy Issues in IoT

These days IoT devices are an easy entry point for malicious users to invade users privacy. With that in mind, we tested the AEG Smart Scale PW 5653 BT, specifically the Bluetooth ...
Dark Side Quantum Computing

Flaws in BLE Chips Expose Millions of Enterprise Wi-Fi APs to Hacking

Security researchers have found two serious vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chips from Texas Instruments (TI) that are used in millions of Wi-Fi access points, but also in devices from various ...
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John Busso

Basics of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

BLE (originally introduced as Bluetooth Smart) is an extension to the Bluetooth 4 standard. It is important to understand that BLE does not replace Bluetooth, but instead it enhances Bluetooth. Bluetooth was ...