LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Security Vulnerabilities

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Security Vulnerabilities

Protecting our children from the dangers on the internet is something all parents strive for and struggle with. When you find a toy that you think is safe, and will educate and entertain your child, you buy it. Right? That’s why parents bought and continue to buy LeapFrog’s LeapPad Ultimate ... Read More
Lenovo Watch X Pairing - A Little Too Easy

Your Lenovo Watch X Is Watching You & Sharing What It Learns

A friend of mine offered me a Lenovo Watch X – which costs around €60 – in return for helping him with a security project. I was impressed with the design and the quality of the watch. Of course, I also immediately wanted to test its security. Lenovo Watch X ... Read More
Putting an AEG Scale Denial of Service Vulnerability into Action

Your Smart Scale is Leaking More than Your Weight: Privacy Issues in IoT

These days IoT devices are an easy entry point for malicious users to invade users privacy. With that in mind, we tested the AEG Smart Scale PW 5653 BT, specifically the Bluetooth security (Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE). We also tested the mobile applications Smart Scale for Android and Smart ... Read More
Hack.lu 2018: Mind The (Air)Gap - Erez Yalon and Pedro Umbelino

Smart Bulb Offers Light, Color, Music, and… Data Exfiltration?

Smart bulbs are widely known as a successful offering in home automation and IoT products, as they are internet-capable light bulbs that allow home users to customize the colors, schedule on and off times, and control them remotely. Some even play music and could improve your sleep. Any device that ... Read More
Navigation Apps: Leading the Way? Or Following You?

Navigation Apps: Leading the Way? Or Following You?

In the United States alone, 84% of adults are using navigation applications, according to a recent Gallup poll. Whether they’re downloading it in an app store or the navigation capability is already built into the car, these navigation tools are taking us to the grocery store, to our grandparents’ house, ... Read More