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China-Backed Hacks of Cisco Routers Worry Feds — BlackTech Revenge?

TTP: IOS EEM CLI BBQ LOL—FBI, NSA, CISA join Japan’s NISC to warn of espionage group linked to Chinese Communist Party ...
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‘BLASTPASS’ iPhone Exploit — Apple Asleep at the Switch

Zero click, zero day, zero clue: Yet another iOS zero-day lets NSO’s Pegasus “mercenary spyware” cause chaos ...
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Lapsus$ Jury Says Teen Duo Did Do Crimes

Arion Kurtaj and anon minor: Part of group that hacked Uber, Nvidia, Microsoft, Rockstar Games and many more ...
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LOL WinRAR: Serious One-Click Bug (Patch NOW)

Even if You Are not a Pirate: Fix for CVE-2023-40477 now available ...
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