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Top Five Trends IT Security Pros Need to Think About Going into 2018

It’s that time of the year when we look back at the tech trends of 2017 to provide us with a hint of things to come. Accordingly, let’s engage in our favorite end-of-year pastime: predictions about the coming year. Equipped with Imperva’s own research, interactions with our customers, and a ... Read More

Botnets, Breaches, and the End of Defense in Depth: Our 2017 Cybersecurity Predictions in Review

As 2016 closed out, Imperva once again peered into its crystal ball. As usual, there was much to foretell regarding the ever-changing cybersecurity realm in 2017. We’ll be doing the same soon as we look ahead into 2018. But before we do, we like to assess how accurate we were ... Read More
Contending with Cybersecurity in the Age of AI vs. AI

Contending with Cybersecurity in the Age of AI vs. AI

As cyberdefenders in a war where every battle can mean winner takes all, enterprise IT departments must level the AI playing field. Twenty-five years ago, people in the cybersecurity space weren’t really talking much about artificial intelligence (AI). Back then, the InfoSec conversation almost always started with the premise of ... Read More
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