Act Against Geopiracy with Enhanced Proxy Detection

Is the image above relatable? According to the description, the service is a VPN desktop application and proxy browser extension that helps viewers mask their physical location, circumvent censorship, and restore access to blocked content ... Read More

Media Services Live Features Upgrades to Support Modern-Day Live-Streaming Needs

Media Services Live (MSL) is Akamai's flagship solution for preparing live streams to provide broadcast-grade streaming quality for our live-streaming customers. MSL provides purpose-built key capabilities with liveOrigin, including ingest acceleration to map encoders to optimal entry points on the Akamai cloud, low latency support to reduce the delay between ... Read More

Addressing the Video Quality and Performance Measurement Gap with Quality of Performance (QoP) Metrics

Digital video viewership is on an aggressive growth course. Globally, consumers will spend 84 minutes a day watching online video in 2020, up 25% from 2018[i], and digital video viewership will increase from 35% in 2019 to more than 39% by 2023[ii] ... Read More
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Access Revocation: A Content Provider’s Tool to Block Pirates in Real time

Akamai Announces New Capability to Allows Content Providers to Shut Down Sources of Piracy ... Read More
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Watermarking: A Content Owner’s Mark to Prevent Piracy

| | News & Announcements
Akamai Adds Edge Based Watermarking Support, Pre Integrated with leading 3rd Party Providers ... Read More
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| | Corporate
As the 2019 General Election results approach, the frenzy and anticipation continue to build. Digital news publishers have the opportunity to engage with audiences on their digital properties as users go online to learn of the outcomes and developments surrounding the elections. In the first chapter of the blog series ... Read More
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Get, Set, Election, Go: Preparing For The 2019 Elections – Chapter Two

What do these trends mean for digital news publishers in India? Definitely, more visitors to the website and mobile apps on the election day. More eyeballs who can be engaged with interesting and interactive content and ultimately more opportunities to monetize the audience as they spend more time on digital ... Read More
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Get, Set, Election, Go: Preparing For The 2019 Elections

| | Corporate, Media
As India advances towards the general elections, this year, it will be the world's largest democratic exercise, and the biggest test ever for digital news publishers. India has close to 900 million eligible voters, and an estimated 500 million have access to the Internet ... Read More

Prevent Access to Unauthorized Viewers with Enhanced Proxy Detection

| | Media, Media Delivery
In some cases, geo-blocking might also be implemented as the content or services might be illegal under local laws for e.g. Online gambling services may use geo-blocking to block the service availability in countries where they cannot legally operate in. Geo-blocking content might also be used as a pricing differentiation ... Read More
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Future Proofing Your Content Security Perimeter with Enhanced Token Authentication

| | Media, Media Delivery
Security in the media & entertainment industry means securing the entire content consumption path. For any OTT or streaming company that wants to serve or distribute its content to end users, has to protect and safeguard their content against an ever-evolving plethora of online piracy and cyber threats. There multiple ... Read More

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