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Using LL-HLS with byte-range addressing to achieve interoperability in low latency streaming

HTTP Adaptive Segmented (HAS) streaming began to be used at scale from 2008 to 2012, with the advent of Move Networks, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, and MPEG DASH. With ...

Media Services Live Features Upgrades to Support Modern-Day Live-Streaming Needs

Media Services Live (MSL) is Akamai's flagship solution for preparing live streams to provide broadcast-grade streaming quality for our live-streaming customers. MSL provides purpose-built key capabilities with liveOrigin, including ingest acceleration to ...
Five Technologies Shaping the Future of OTT

#OTTuesday: Five Technologies Shaping the Future of OTT

The world of OTT is changing radically with new innovations, from player technologies to standards convergence, propelling the industry forward. As 2018 comes to a close, AkamaiTV sat down with DASH legend ...