Erik presenting PolarProxy at CS3Sthlm, photo credit: CS3Sthlm

Sharing a PCAP with Decrypted HTTPS

Modern malware and botnet C2 protocols use TLS encryption in order to blend in with 'normal' web traffic, sometimes even using legitimate services like Twitter or Instagram. I did a live demo ...
Reflectiz - 3rd-party security for websites

“Okay, let’s say you are a CiSO” (…) This is how our newly released video starts. Now it’s time to watch it!

We are very proud to introduce our new animation clip, presenting the biggest blind-spot that one very cool CiSO, called P.T Jones, faces. Though he’s a stone-age character, this CiSO actually comes ...

Keeping Digital Assets Safe: Security for DAM

The need for an effective DAM solution is growing among companies, but security threats abound Visual content such as images and video account for much of the content viewed on the internet ...
Security Boulevard
Host Unknown presents, Lost all the Money (ride wit' me parody)

A peek behind the curtain

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Having recently dropped my third song with my band Host Unknown, “Lost all the Money“, there have been many people asking what the secret to success is and how I manage the ...
Host Unknown presents: I'm a C I Double S P (CISSP Parody)

Lost All The Money

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After a several year hiatus, many creative differences, multiple instances of rage-quitting, and several occasions of ghosting so good that Patrick Swayze would have been proud – the group I founded, Host ...
[Video] Incident Investigation with Uptycs and Osquery

[Video] Incident Investigation with Uptycs and Osquery

This video features Pat Haley, our Principal Sales Engineer, walking through the strengths + challenges of osquery, how osquery can be used for incident investigations, and how Uptycs can add value to ...
Zoom Spying Vulnerability: The Plot Thickens

Zoom Spying Vulnerability: The Plot Thickens

White-label versions of Zoom come with the same bug as Apple patched last week. Time to patch again ...
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Joining KnowBe4 and going on a road trip

The Curse of Erich

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At first I thought it was an exaggeration. A story that had got out of hand. But after spending over 72 hours travelling with Erich Kron, I do believe he is cursed ...

Video: From Dev to InfoSec: #MyInfoSecStory

A Roadmap to a Cyber Security Career! Video and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! Feb 2019 It’s pretty clear that the skills gap in the InfoSec industry is a real thing with ...
Stories from Inside the Security Operations Command Center.

New Video Series: How a Security Operations Command Center Took On the Largest Attacks the Internet Has Ever Seen

The point is, Internet security is critical to the largest organizations, banks, corporations, and governments around the globe. But it's also critical to the small or mid-sized start up ...