How MSPs can Thrive in the New Remote Topology

Security Service Providers are in High Demand – Is Your Business Ready to Deliver?

The post Security Service Providers are in High Demand – Is Your Business Ready to Deliver? appeared first on Digital Defense, Inc ...
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My top 5 videos of the year

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Following on from last weeks post in which I summed up my top 5 blogs of the year, the sequel that one person asked me for was, what were the most watched ...

Understanding Emerging Video Formats

In my previous post, we discussed two new image formats: High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) and AV1 Image File (AVIF). In this article, we'll take a closer look at two emerging video formats ...
3 Twitter security tips for NCSAM

The NCSAM Campaign

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For October’s National Cyber Security Awareness month, I put together a few videos and blogs. In my mind it formed a campaign, but for various reasons, the timings were a bit inconsistent ...

The Art of Storytelling in Cybersecurity

This episode of the “CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe” show focuses on answering the question, How do you use stories to distill complicated cybersecurity information into digestible bites? Our guests ...
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Determining What Video Conference Participants Are Typing from Watching Shoulder Movements

Accuracy isn’t great, but that it can be done at all is impressive. Murtuza Jadiwala, a computer science professor heading the research project, said his team was able to identify the contents ...
#CSAM Lie to be secure

If you want security, lie to me

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We’re all honest and good people… well, at least most of us are. From a young age, we’re taught to always tell the truth and to never lie. However, our inherent honesty ...

Cryptocurrency: Fact vs. Fiction

Paul Lee is the CISO of Uphold, a leading technology platform to trade between cryptocurrencies, precious metals and U.S. equities. Paul is considered a leading expert on blockchain and cryptocurrency. In this ...
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Metrics That Matter: Measuring Streaming Performance

The COVID-19 health crisis created a dramatic shift in our lifestyles. With work, school, and entertainment taking place in home environments now, it's no surprise that screen time is up. Nielsen reports ...
multi-vector EDR

Black Hat Conference: Multi-Vector EDR, With Qualys

Black Hat USA went virtual this year, thanks to COVID-19. Nonetheless, as always it was chock full of compelling stuff. I had the honor of hosting a session during the weeklong event, ...
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