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6 Ways to Reduce Your Cloud Attack Surface

With the growing awareness of the potential security vulnerabilities of SaaS services, your security team needs to quickly address the fact that the more identity-related points of exposure your organization maintains in the cloud, the broader your organization’s attack surface and resultant risk of cloud security incidents. These points include ... Read More
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Why SaaS Is the Epicenter for Security Threats

Software as a service (SaaS) has made collaborating between geographically dispersed teams easier and more efficient. It’s replaced classic on-premises solutions across virtually every business function with cloud versions for everything from messaging, storing and sharing files to collaborating across documents, coordinating projects and more. But while SaaS has undoubtedly ... Read More
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The Security Challenges of the Cloud

As more companies transition to the cloud, their sensitive corporate- and compliance-related data are no longer stored and used behind multiple layers of perimeter security. Instead, security teams are faced with multiple cloud services, each with its own type of privileges and actions and where each user has multiple identities ... Read More
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The Non-Human Entities that Plague the Cloud

Entities that make cloud services work together also pose a security risk. Here are four worth considering At the average-sized company today, employees use hundreds of different cloud services. All of these apps integrate with each other using APIs, roles and privilege delegation to make workflows in the cloud as ... Read More
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