Are Bookmakers at Risk of Cyberattacks?

Are Bookmakers at Risk of Cyberattacks?

With sports betting increasingly being moved from brick-and-mortar buildings to the online world, bookmakers face a new challenge when it comes to protecting themselves and their clients against cybersecurity attacks. Although this is not a unique problem given that every … Are Bookmakers at Risk of Cyberattacks? Read More » ... Read More

Biometric Data Protection and Compliance

Biometrics are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, from unlocking your phone with your face to iris recognition for e-government services or airport security and voice recognition when you talk to Siri or Alexa. For the financial services industry, biometrics are quickly forming a crucial part of future regulatory ... Read More

Can You Get Hacked While Using a VPN?

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A VPN or a Virtual Private Network provides the solution to many security issues, but you can still get hacked while using it. For example, if you install malware or share your username and password with anyone, a VPN cannot protect you. Similarly, there are certain other technical loopholes with ... Read More

Better Vulnerability Management is Essential for Data Security

Imagine if a gang of burglars arrived on your street and started going from house to house each night testing windows and doors to see if any of them could be forced open. While many houses would be perfectly secure, it’s likely that there would be one or two — ... Read More

2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

2020 has made cybersecurity among the priorities of most organizations. The challenging times brought by the COVID pandemic showed that no corporation is immune to cyber attacks. Even the largest and seemingly secure companies suffered vulnerabilities and security lapses as they tried to adopt various communication and collaboration solutions to ... Read More
Biometric Technology in Our Everyday Life

Biometric Technology in Our Everyday Life

In the digital era, the need for security is higher than ever before as a majority of us keep a huge portion of our lives on our mobile devices. As a result, mobile phone and tech developers have integrated biometric technology within these devices to prevent theft and keep our ... Read More

Protect Your Passwords & Upgrade Your Cybersecurity

Balancing security with convenience is the main issue with passwords. The most appropriate option is to use the same password across all your websites and easily remember that password by choosing a simple word, as simple as something like your pets name or your date of birth. This is also ... Read More

Best VPN Services for Android Users

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If you want to access censored content or keep others from seeing your browsing history on public Wi-Fi, you need a good Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN connects your computer—or mobile device of choice—to a server for streaming or surfing. Here’s a breakdown of the best VPN apps ... Read More
The Importance of Cybersecurity for Online Gaming

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Online Gaming

Casinos have been a target for scammers from the early days of their existence. The industry is highly connected with money, which makes it a prime target. Nowadays, more and more casino businesses are created on the internet, but the threat from fraud remains unchanged. However, instead of fraud with ... Read More

The Most Essential Tool for Online Security

The IT sector remains one of the most quickly growing sectors today. It develops so rapidly, that it is often hard to keep up with existing technology—never mind cutting edge innovations. Some technologies stand the test of time, though, because they solve an issue that many users face and continue ... Read More