Biometric Technology in Our Everyday Life

Biometric Technology in Our Everyday Life

In the digital era, the need for security is higher than ever before as a majority of us keep a huge portion of our lives on our mobile devices. As a result, mobile phone and tech developers have integrated biometric technology within these devices to prevent theft and keep our ... Read More

Protect Your Passwords & Upgrade Your Cybersecurity

Balancing security with convenience is the main issue with passwords. The most appropriate option is to use the same password across all your websites and easily remember that password by choosing a simple word, as simple as something like your pets name or your date of birth. This is also ... Read More

Best VPN Services for Android Users

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If you want to access censored content or keep others from seeing your browsing history on public Wi-Fi, you need a good Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN connects your computer—or mobile device of choice—to a server for streaming or surfing. Here’s a breakdown of the best VPN apps ... Read More
The Importance of Cybersecurity for Online Gaming

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Online Gaming

Casinos have been a target for scammers from the early days of their existence. The industry is highly connected with money, which makes it a prime target. Nowadays, more and more casino businesses are created on the internet, but the threat from fraud remains unchanged. However, instead of fraud with ... Read More

The Most Essential Tool for Online Security

The IT sector remains one of the most quickly growing sectors today. It develops so rapidly, that it is often hard to keep up with existing technology—never mind cutting edge innovations. Some technologies stand the test of time, though, because they solve an issue that many users face and continue ... Read More

Top Unusual Cybersecurity Hacking Strategies

The internet introduced us to the new digital world. Any illusion that the internet would be safe and free from threats was shattered, however, in 1988 with the introduction of the Morris Worm. In the 30-plus years since that time, exploits and cyber attacks have become increasingly more prevalent. Major ... Read More

Seven Friends of VPN: Top Applications to Keep Anonymity on the Web

The most popular anonymous browser worldwide has finally released an Android version of Tor. I have collected several apps that will ensure your privacy and safety online. They can protect the anonymity of correspondence, web surfing, banking data from leaks and your smartphone from spying, so your private info will ... Read More
Cybersecurity Tips for Insanely Busy IT Managers

Cybersecurity Tips for Insanely Busy IT Managers

The responsibilities of IT managers are seemingly endless. Not only do they have to stay top of security patches and software updates, but they also need to oversee the expenditures that surface from the IT team—making sure that the IT department’s budget is used cost-effectively. All of this, while the ... Read More

Online Secuirty and Privacy with a Virtual Private Network

The IT sector is a quickly growing industry. It develops so rapidly it’s hard to keep up with existent solutions. Innovative new software is constantly created to address issues modern users face. Many tools—like virtual private networks (VPN)—are aimed at the problem of privacy. There are privacy tools for journalists ... Read More

A Costly Convenience: The Dangers of Free Public Wi-Fi

It’s 2018, and free public Wi-Fi is everywhere. We’ve come to expect that cafés, restaurants, airports, subway stations, and even public parks will offer us an internet connection as a basic utility. We expect it to be fast, and we expect it to be free. But how much is free, ... Read More