The Most Essential Tool for Online Security

The IT sector remains one of the most quickly growing sectors today. It develops so rapidly, that it is often hard to keep up with existing technology—never mind cutting edge innovations. Some technologies stand the test of time, though, because they solve an issue that many users face and continue to adapt and evolve over time to remain relevant, like virtual private networks—or VPN.

There are many applications that promise to resolve the problem of privacy. Today, we even have dedicated tools specifically for journalists to maintain privacy when they search for material online. There are also privacy programs developed for specific industries—applications to protect privacy and secure communications for military, educational, and pharmaceutical fields. You can read Avast SecureLine VPN Review 2019 to find out more information about how a VPN works.

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VPN as the Most Innovative IT Service

Currently, the world faces a big problem—a lack of information security. At first glance, it may not seem that is a very serious issue, but it is. The leak of any type of information can potentially lead to catastrophic consequences. Here are examples of what consequences it may have for some commercial and governmental sectors:

  • If government data leaks, there can be a threat to the national security of a given country. In many countries today, a majority of confidential information is stored on different virtual resources—where it can be hacked and compromised. If people who have access to such sensitive data do not use internet privately and securely, login details to confidential information can be stolen.
  • If commercial data leaks, the affected companies can lose millions of dollars in direct losses, as well as subsequent lawsuits, impact to reputation, and loss of revenue. It is particularly the case if proprietary data or company trade secrets from a research and development unit leaks. This can lead to huge financial losses and the enterprise can eventually go bankrupt.

These are the serious reasons why industries need to use virtual private network software to keep confidential data protected from unauthorized third parties. Security and privacy are essential for a secure and prosperous society.

Individuals also need to make sure they surf online securely. Here are some additional reasons why individuals have to take care of online security:

  • To ensure their intellectual property is not placed on free websites on the internet. It is a big issue for scientists, and others who develop unique information. They work on important research or develop unique content and store it on a computer. If these materials leak, it becomes difficult—if not impossible—to verify the genuine author and get credit for it. That is one major reason individuals should use a secure VPN connection when transferring data online.
  • Bank or financial details can also leak online. Entering bank account credentials, or sensitive data like a credit card number online over an insecure or unencrypted connection exposes the information to the internet. Once that information is compromised, it can be freely published or sold online, and anyone can potentially access the accounts and make purchases using the stolen data.

These reasons make it evident why companies, governmental agencies, and individuals have to use secure access to web pages with the help of VPN. Because so much of our world is now online and digital, the virtual private network is one of the most important developments of the online era.

Every person and company should use VPN software to make sure that there is a certain level of security and privacy online. The good news is that VPN software does not cost tons of money. Basically, there are many companies that have developed this type of software. Many of them offer a free trial period.

The price range for VPNs is very wide. The longer a subscription is, the lower is a price for a month usage of a VPN. On average one month of VPN usage costs around $10 (USD). It’s a small price to pay for what the VPN provides.

VPN Services

As the concept of a VPN has become more mainstream—and more necessary—a number of companies jumped in to develop the software. For the most part, VPN programs look pretty much the same—although some provide additional functionality. Here are a few top VPNs you should consider:

  • CyberGhost. It is one of the most innovative products in the market. It is also one of the most expensive ones. It allows unrestricted torrenting and it is a perfect software to secure online activity.
  • NordVPN. It is a program that has been around for many years. It is offered at a moderate price—but there is no free trial period available. Customer must pay to use the software. However, NordVPN will return the customer’s money if they are not satisfied.
  • ExpressVPN. It is a classic type of VPN program. It allows high-speed HD streaming. The servers are situated in 145 cities and in more than 90 countries.

These are the a few of the most reliable VPNs to consider. To get more detailed information about VPN software it is a good idea to do some homework, review how different VPN applications are ranked by users and industry resources, and try a few out for yourself.

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