Strata London

Strata London Perfectly Timed with New Era of Data Privacy

The recent Strata London event was perfectly timed in the first four days of a week that culminated the day that GDPR became effective. The Strata Data Conference is always an invaluable experience that attracts attendees with diverse experiences and a shared passion to learn that creates a buzz of ... Read More
DataWorks Summit

Emphasis on Privacy and Data Protection at DataWorks Summit

| | big data, data protection
Last week’s DataWorks Summit in Berlin, attended by Protegrity, had a strong emphasis on data privacy and data protection, with GDPR core to many of the sessions. A poll in the morning keynote of day two highlighted that 15 percent of the attendees would not be ready for the May ... Read More

The Annoyance of Add-Ons

| | Protegrity Prime
You find a beautiful pair of suede shoes that will look stunning with your new suit and are priced perfectly, but when you pay you’re advised to buy the ‘essential’ suede protector to keep them as-new. Or your save up for the latest smart phone and get advised to pay ... Read More
Protegrity Prime

Protegrity Prime: Tearing Up the Rules for Data Protection Software

| | Protegrity Prime
The year 2018 is a big one for data, and a big year for data protection. We’re seeing more regulation and legislation, and not just GDPR. And with this your customers and shareholders are increasingly privacy aware, and the media and markets eager to attack the brand reputations of organisations ... Read More