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The Annoyance of Add-Ons


You find a beautiful pair of suede shoes that will look stunning with your new suit and are priced perfectly, but when you pay you’re advised to buy the ‘essential’ suede protector to keep them as-new. Or your save up for the latest smart phone and get advised to pay extra for a screen-protector for the inevitable occasion when you’ll drop it. You know if you don’t buy it then you’ll probably fumble with the phone first time out and you’ll have the all-too-familiar shattered-screen. And it’s not just small items, even a car purchase comes with the weighty recommendation to pay hundreds extra for the paint protector.

These purchase add-ons are all too common and all very irritating. Why can’t purchases be all inclusive? If something needs protecting, then why doesn’t it come with all the protection it needs?

That’s what we thought at Protegrity, so say hello to Protegrity Prime; protection for all your sensitive data, whatever it is, wherever it is; in one simple monthly subscription. Modular software purchases that required add-ons for new environments, and platform upgrades are too much of a constraint to our objective of getting customers to protect all their data, wherever it resides, moves or gets used in the organisation. Oh, and that includes cloud, at no extra cost.

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