Strata London Perfectly Timed with New Era of Data Privacy

Strata LondonThe recent Strata London event was perfectly timed in the first four days of a week that culminated the day that GDPR became effective.

The Strata Data Conference is always an invaluable experience that attracts attendees with diverse experiences and a shared passion to learn that creates a buzz of interaction. London ’18 has been no different. With so much content, it’s impossible to give a full perspective but high level themes were unsurprising: Privacy, Cloud, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence; but it’s the details and nuances that are the real insightful moments.

The theme of transformation was a consistent, with illustrations of journeys undertaken, planned direction and intended destinations. There is no single option and open source creates even greater choice and opportunity.

In these conferences it’s easy to get too immersed in the bubble of leading-edge technology, and a false impression of a pervasive technical leading edge. The reality outside the conference couldn’t be better summarised by Martha Lane-Fox who closed the keynotes on day two, with a strong message of the need for technology companies to recognise their responsibilities. Whilst 50 percent of a public poll said that “technology helps them every day” only 12 percent of (Read more...)

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