Emphasis on Privacy and Data Protection at DataWorks Summit

DataWorks SummitLast week’s DataWorks Summit in Berlin, attended by Protegrity, had a strong emphasis on data privacy and data protection, with GDPR core to many of the sessions. A poll in the morning keynote of day two highlighted that 15 percent of the attendees would not be ready for the May 25th deadline, with just over 50 percent still making preparations.

The conference, with a theme of, “Ideas. Insights. Innovation.” brought together a large, mainly technical audience with shared interest in maximising data exploitation for business value, but throughout there was a strong recognition of the fundamental importance of data privacy, with many references to recent cases of data loss and misuse, including the revelations from Facebook.

Scott Gnau, Hortonworks CTO, highlighted the trend of cloud adoption with a simple but effective reminder of the need for organisations to align their use of data (and analytics) and cloud adoption with their business strategies. An audience poll indicated that cloud adoption is still at an early stage, with only 25 percent of respondents moving (or planning to move) more than half their analytics to the cloud. The poll didn’t enquire as to the reasons for hesitancy, but often it’s security (Read more...)

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