Protegrity Prime: Tearing Up the Rules for Data Protection Software

Protegrity Prime

The year 2018 is a big one for data, and a big year for data protection. We’re seeing more regulation and legislation, and not just GDPR. And with this your customers and shareholders are increasingly privacy aware, and the media and markets eager to attack the brand reputations of organisations that suffer breaches that expose sensitive data. Every week this year there has been at least one more major data-related scandal; this isn’t going away.

At Protegrity 2018 is an equally big year. We’ve taken the bold step of tearing up the rules of buying and using data protection software.

Say hello to Protegrity Prime – our new subscription pricing model.

We’ve listened to our already loyal customers and we’ve responded with a new approach that provides organisations with access to all Protegrity software for a simple monthly fee. No more grappling with configurations or sizing, no more addition costs for platform expansions or upgrades. Our pricing is simple, transparent and designed to make it easy and compelling to protect all your sensitive data whatever technology you’re using, now and in the future.

At Protegrity we’ve always been innovative, we’ve always led the field, and in 2018 we’re doing the same again with pricing.

The move to subscription pricing isn’t new, but we’re the first enterprise security solution to wholly embrace the model.

Our customers can now adopt Protegrity’s market leading software quickly, and you won’t require a lump of capex to get started. So your business can make a faster, simpler decision to choose the optimal path to protecting sensitive data and your customers and shareholders peace of mind. Breaches are getting more and more common; swift action will protect your reputation.

Our experience makes it easy to explain how we’re already doing this for existing customers and the ease with which you can consistently protect your data, wherever it resides, moves or is used across the organisation, irrespective of technology and whether on premise, in cloud or a hybrid.

Subscription pricing gives you simplicity, transparency and predictability. You only pay for what you use, so you only pay for business value and you avoid shelfware.

With an all-in model, it can be difficult to know where to start (like scrolling through your cable or satellite listings). No problem! We’re bundling monthly advisory hours, to provide guidance and how-to guidance, to ensure you’re getting the most from your subscription. And because it’s subscription, if you change your mind then you can cancel, but with our ongoing innovation we’ll be working hard to make sure the ‘off-button’ won’t be one you’ll want to use.

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Protegrity Prime

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